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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Love II - ANger

Love and anger cannot coexist together. Anger will always push away love. A person cannot swallow poison and then remain healthy; so, too, a person cannot receive anger and still feel loving toward the angry person. We are not Jangchu Sempa. 

Negative feelings are always more powerful, pervasive, and long-lasting than positive feelings. One or two negative interactions will easily spoil ten or twenty positive interactions. Anger in the form of criticism, sarcasm, hostility, or cruelty, is a very strong negative emotion. Anger is "love's poison."

It is normal at times to feel irritated with your love one. We may not like how they prepare food, dress, talk with you, or the way they do something. At these moments, we have a choice. We can respond either with patience, kindness and understanding, or with judgment, anger and conflict. If we respond with anger and criticism, we will almost certainly ruin our relationship. I ended many relationships due to anger and conflict.
Guru Khentse Ozer

Successful relationships are built with love and respect. Anger and arguing will drive a wedge between us and our partner, making mutual feelings of love and respect impossible. Simply, if we want a loving relationship, keep anger out of our boundary!

Arguments between love birds are a necessary part of relationship, this is not true. The goal should be to never express anger, dispute, or get into a serious fight. Nobody wants to get sick. We do many things to avoid falling ill. However, when illness comes, we understand it is a normal part of life. The relationship between lovers is the same. We strive for continual peace and harmony.

Every relationship’s goal is to get together after sometime and be one. I was blessed to get advice about how to go about to get marriage in our life. “It is the toughest stuff in life. It can’t be easily dragged down, pushed away, get rid of. It will give you the severest headache. Even if you take five to six paracetamols at a time you won’t cure that headache”. This was the superb guidance specified by Guru Khentse Yeozer on 9/12/2011 when I visited him to get teaching about life.

Be careful and choose your partner!!!


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