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Monday, June 11, 2012

The Best Outfit

I am not fashionable and I don’t like to be. But I like the way how others dress that are simple and less exposed. Moreover I was brought up in the society of less exposure. During last 23 years of my growth from little boy to man I have seen tremendous changes in dressing styles. It is not only threatening to once own culture of dressing but it is damn shameful to see sexy and long redundant body parts exposed.

Bhutanese society has grown a lot in fashion. More and more youth are into Korean and Japanese dressing styles. We can see fancy dresses everywhere. And the saddest part is more and more clothes are reducing in size where by only the main parts are covered and it is really disgusting.

Changes are inevitable but it is not changing in a desired way. It won’t be wonder one day when our own daughter and son ask for help to zip their pants up. The world has become too sexy. And the people with notion to rape, their works become so easy and prompting to do.

Nothing special I can conclude but here are the best outfits that I ever liked and it is worth to be what you wear with dignity.

Fourth King when he was young boy
Bhutanese purely traditional dressing ( http://leythro-darlo.blogspot.com/  )
Simple and nice outfit of one of the trainee Of PCE
Fourth King when he was young man
My Facebook friend Emilie 
Best outfit of a friend, SAngay



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