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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Real me!!

If you are with me today I would have given you my part. I would have let you see the real me! The real me is always hidden. For the wrong person fake real I am was revealed.  The real I am is not revealed yet. Time and work load matters for me a lot to reveal all these to you. But I am still waiting for the inaugural day. 

College days for me are busiest day in my life. Life itself is full of tests and I accept the reality. Loads of assignment, daily preparation for tests, preparation for practical, viva voice etc keep me busy always. There are always soft corner for you but petite time to think off. 

Ends were the days when I am done with all exams and relax. It is relaxing days for me. Relax after a long journey of tough work and thinking. Particular I felt so tough in engineering and formulaic. But with time I move on step by step and that is the factual charisma of hard work. 

More free time makes me dull. When it rains duller I become. I can’t go elsewhere. It’s the best time for me to think about you and our relation. Yes I did a lot. But what is there when you are not with me! Nothing seems interesting rather than a biggest day dream ever. The more I think the more day dreamer I befall.

Be with me so that I can at least share my part and real me! Lovers depart but not their love and I believe this simple theory and you forever. Take care and see you soon sometimes somewhere!


  1. Most people are not their true selves with people, not until they find who they love. It is scary, we think people will reject us. I try to be as open as possible. Good post Sangay, get some relax time whenever possible :)

    1. Yea Launna... thank you for being my regular visitor here!!!

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