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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Rose

I didn’t go out to see what the nature and surrounding is like. For three days I was doing nothing inside a room except that I read a book authored by Indian youth from West Bengal. But one day I heard a sound. It was nothing but a sound of showering. It was the rain at Lumang. I was at Lumang Gewog for about a week during my summer break. 

Slowly dragging myself from the comfy bed I went out. Wow! It was cool and fresh. The nature was crying for the benefit of locality and indirectly shed tears for me to encounter the beautiful rose behind the building. 

Carefully with tight and fearing tension on the slippery veranda, I went behind the building. Beautiful red rose captured my attention completely the moment I turned myself to adjust from the slippery mossy concrete veranda. 

Wow! I yearned. It was so beautiful. It was dancing to the rhythm and the weight of little rain drops that falls on it. It was completely drenched in the aroma of fresh dews formed by the loving rain. The petals were so young. The leaves were exceptionally green. The stem was sturdy with the thrown still angry for the supposed protection that is accountable for if the roses are attacked by outsiders. 

It was lucky. There were no lovers around in the vicinity. If there was, it is the curse on every rose to endure. Rose is use as a symbol of our heart and deep colour of love between the partners. 

Day after days I was observing the status of the beautiful rose. It was so fresh and jovial when I saw for the first time. It was mesmerizing. Time passed by with intermittent rainfall and sun light. It was so beautiful and it has the power in itself to move the human to feel love. But it is sad that with time its beauty fades away. The petals lose its rigid position. It started getting apart. The colour fades away. And finally the beautiful poor petals fall on the ground. 

The stems and the leaves are still young and sturdy. They have hope. They can bloom until someone plucks it and give to someone depriving it of beautifying the nature. It is indeed great for human to accept that the real beauty is always with nature. And hope nature with rose and human with rosy heart will fill the earth for our times and future generations.


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