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Friday, July 19, 2013

Heaven on Earth – Bhutan!

It is my immense pleasure to congratulate PDP (People’s Democratic Party) for the victory. Majority of the people of Bhutan preferred strong horse instead of strong flying birds for the change and cause. Because everything said and promised seemed too heavy for horse will be the right Giant to carry the huge load. And accordingly the promises and pledges of three cranes can’t equal the horse in whatever sense except it might fly away fearing the difficulty. 

Congratulate DPT (Druk Phuentshum Tshogpa) for definite strong opposition that you will undeniably garner for the new government. It is a victory in itself for Bhutan, be it ruling or opposition. I salute for the work you have done for past five years. 

Both winning and losing party has their own grievances of the result. PDP won because whatever manifestos and pledges hereafter to be fulfilled can be cited as the real happiness gear for the people of Bhutan. Whatever sense and tone it is, greeting of for your manifestos acclamation was profound. Civil servants idolize the 20% increment of salary and housing allowance.  Armed forces venerate the vivid said of increment in their salary. Villagers revere for your brave slogan to have Bolero in each Gewogs, each power tiller in every Chiwogs and census problems for the southern people. Youth, the future of nation got the magic to idolize when they are enlightened to guarantee 100% employment. As whole, the people of Bhutan choose horse for it will equal flying birds with two helicopter ambulances. Everyone believes the allegation of the muddy and rough road constructed by the former government to each gewogs and other needy communities. And it is for the cause and change to blacktop it for the current government and hope the country’s tourist visit will skyrocket and complains will be less. 

The new opposition party, DPT (the former government) became the target for various allegations. Starting from corruption to the sovereignty and independent of the nation, the Indo-Bhutan friendship, concreted the arrow that pierced hard in the soft mind of electorates. It is the best lessons that DPT learned. 

Everything was over now. The pledges of government are fascinating. It is the best new chapter in the life of every Bhutanese and PDP. It is time for to ‘walk the talk’. If all the pledges get fulfilled Bhutan will be like heaven. People will be happy. And I am sure that the government can do their best to fulfill the aspiration of each and every inspired and distressed Bhutanese.  Hope to see smiling people under the elected dynamic leadership.

I Wish Happiness for all.

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