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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Modern Dwelling

We are in the age of diverse modern dwelling. The societies are different, with different culture and tradition. We blend those cultures into the power of modernity. The result is clear – simplicity changes to complexity. We get drunk on the power of modernization. 

What people do when they get drunk? How do they behave? Walking style of the person gets changed. Talking style of the person gets changed. Thinking power and style of the person gets changed. What do you do when you get drunk on the power of modernization? The Hair on your head will glow to different colures. Paints and shirts that you wear will have different patterns that show your nakedness. Your face will be filled up with drawings and paintings. Ah… these are just the look of the person, more important thing is we become an addictive personality. 

When you commit crime you become criminal. Is it crime to walk naked in the street, when you are not doing any violence, hurting no one and you are absolutely innocent? Immediately police will lock into jail. You will be beaten up for doing nothing. Why society is angry for innocent naked man when they don’t get the same annoyance against murderer? Is not this strange? What is crime? Crime is something that is said to be committed when you do something. 

However hidden behind clothes, the animal is there, the nude, the naked animal is there, and the naked ape is what we were!

When you do sex for intend to make money, you become prostitute. There are many unannounced prostitute I believe. I believe because I read every posts of the Thimphu Confession Page. And it is not only for money you do sex, there are many who cares not to do with random guys. There was an era when you often shy away with when people talk about sex. But now think? Starting from the style of your dressing which you called fashion, the height of sexually have gone high. 

When you answer to the call and go for the reason to satisfy sexually you become call girl. When you have mobile phone and call all over the world and quarrel with your spouse, you don’t hate mobile phone instead you blame your spouse. You don’t realize the power and drawbacks of modernization. 

In this modern world you eat for the taste. While in the ancient civilization, people killed animals for hunger. Hunger was their basic necessity. And we diverted our eating habit from lone to share with all. If somebody wants to eat alone you will say he is animal-like. Your eating habit should be natural. We geared around food and created that hunger has less become important and taste became more important. 

And yea we still feel disgusting .Think of you are asking a lady a question or vice versa, “Where were you?”  She/he answered “I was in toilet”. If you ask what you were doing in toilet, will not it be disgusting?  What will be his/her reaction?

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