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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Heaven of Happiness

From the heaven of thy presence I can hear the shower of blessings coming in. I am not your fan. I am not your brain. I am not your enemy. I am the one that’ll stand all alone for the defense of your state. 

No one will try to destroy your stature. No one will say untrue about you. No one will be allowed to murmur nonsense about you. 

In the aroma of your walk to and fro, I see the little flowers happy and adorn with morning dews and freshness of morning scent. The roses say hi. The daffodils say hello. The sunflowers say, this way. And I say; you may. Thus your journey to your destiny – office is wonderful. 

I am not a banana. I am not apple. I am not peach. I am not chili. I will not be victim of monkey. I will not be victim of Einstein. I will not be victim of Bhutanese Ama datse lovers. I am just the seed inside that wherever it is thrown away; I will try for to erupt from somewhere again and show my budding talent to the world. 

I am not Gasa Lamai Singye. You are not Changyuel Bumo Galam. We are not who they were. You won’t die for me. I won’t die for you. If you die I won’t jump in the fire of your funeral. I will try to endure the pain in silence. 

You won’t deny me. I won’t be alone. You won’t reject me. I won’t be sad. You will not say bye. I will not say take care instead I will utter, see you soon. Feelings will be high. I won’t sigh. You won’t bias our feelings for you are angel on earth. 

I don’t have Mercedes. I don’t have big bungalows. I don’t have bullock carts. I don’t have horse too. I have an old honest elephant. We will go for slow and steady ride in the middle of the thick jungle of loneliness. You will not lead. You will not be afraid. I will not lead the way either. I will let to lead the way. He is an honest brother for me. Trust me that we are cared by him in this thick jungle. 

You say I am selfish. You say I don’t know the tactic to bait fish. You were afraid when I show you the long big fish hooked and you screamed and hugged me for help. How lucky you are for you didn’t slip away from the slippery sea stones. You are so cute in your smile. You struggled to fight my strength like a fish but you failed and I can’t forget your angst still. 

My arms aren’t warm. My bed isn’t comfy. My home isn’t well furnished. I am not well-off. You aren’t choosy. You aren’t moody. I am happy with you. You are happy with me. We are happy together. Look their! Our kids are happily playing in the sand. 

“Come in lets have dinner. It is getting late”, I said. You came with little son like me in your right hand and little daughter like you in your left hand. You are a good mother. And we are happy family together.


I will love to read your constructive criticisms for if I may deserve.