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Thursday, August 1, 2013

The Hospital Drama

For about two days I was having an intermittent abdominal pain. At first I made up my mind to neglect the pain. But the preconditioned of my friends suffering made me to hurry to the hospital. I doubted appendixes or intestine blockage.  

At around 10 am I reached the hospital. The line was not so long and I thought many people today are lucky that they are fine and safe.  After few minutes in the queue I got my OPD card and I was asked to go to chamber number 5.  Thinking of my busy schedule with project and seminar I rushed to the chamber. 

I was puzzled at first sight. Next to chamber number 6 was chamber number 5. There was long queue, some leaning their shoulder on the wall, babes crying hard with excuse to take him out from the hot surrounding, elderly supporting on the walking stick and few over makeup ladies making their post on the chair. Everything was zigzag.  I was in dilemma over where to stand to be in queue. 

After many minutes of waiting and extended to an hour, people started rushing. There was no doctor in chamber number 6 and that’s why the zigzag line was formed. We were just having patience of long wait in the hot with nuisance of crying kid and scolding of few rowdy parents.  

One after another the line was shortening and one by one with less frequent, the line was trying to elongate. 

After a while of bearing me among the mothers, two ladies with same complexion joined the line. Within few seconds they couldn’t bear the patience to be in queue. They were raising their heads as if a cow is looking for a lost calf hidden in the bush. 

We were standing for our turn to come. Nobody was enjoying the luxury of being in line but it is the truth in action that one needs to follow. It was silly on her confident to drive a wedge between us. Almost everyone was murmuring and the total silence broke out. She just broke the line and went to get her part done fast. 

Everyone was not happy. I was not happy. Mothers with sick babies were not happy. Elderly men with walking stick were not happy. But my values pressurized me to control myself. 

I am not same like other. We aren’t alike in personality and appearance. Immediately a young man raised his voice to complain the grudge in him to the lady. He was nice. He requested her not to break the line and instead wait in patience to her turn though his face shows his anger. It was unexpected for such dirty and heartless answer from the lady. She shouted to shut him up. And she even went to the extent of pointing finger to the man. They argued and quarrel for awhile and in between I was losing my temper. It was an astonishing bitchy character. 

I thought legally I will be definitely wrong to slap such callous bitch. Ethically, certainly I will be right to knock her down. But I controlled myself. 

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