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Saturday, November 23, 2013

The Circle and Aroma of Romance and Hatred

The word attachment is legendary for the kids to their parents and to whom they receive utmost care. The nature of treating someone, intact the nature to particular person in which they are treated and thus the tendency to love and hate develop. The moon and the sun are legendary to all beings on the earth and so are the word love and hate has triumph in partial.

Emotions are inborn. We have the tendency in which when we think someone is criticizing, ignoring or depriving us of some gain or anything else then we develop corresponding emotions. The case in which a girl smile to boy or vice versa whenever they meet and when he/she growl, we lost in our thoughts of adoring and angst. And the circle and aroma of romance and hatred gears around. 

Love is love and the method of expressing and the practice is different. And that is why we have the mode of saying different love. The love to your parents and love to your girlfriend or boyfriend is different. We can’t have the same love to our parents like that we have loved our partner. We romance with our partner we just love our parents for what they have done which nothing can equal their deeds to us. We can quit partner but not parents. And the circle and aroma of having dear parents, lucky loving partner gears around in an arena of life. 

The cause and conditions of fashion continuously change and so the description of beauty- beauty lies in the eye of the beholder. Yesterday I have seen a girl with full Kira. Today I am seeing the same girl with half Kira. And I anticipate tomorrow I shall see her in pants and shirts. I can’t think to project myself to how we are slowly moving to the stone age of nakedness. Description of beauty changes with time. We were once a naked ape. We have developed the habit of dressing and shame for the nakedness. Slowly we have learned to cover our body with beautiful dress. And that we called the culture and tradition of dressing. The circle and aroma of dressing style to nakedness and ape gears around in the society of modernity. 


  1. Yes--beauty most certainly lies in the eyes of the beholder!

  2. Really nice piece of writing with rich language... really i enjoyed going through it ... Keep writing :)


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