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Sunday, December 1, 2013

With Kushal Ashok

Sorry Ashok and readers. I failed to post soon after our meet since I was busy gearing around my tight schedule. Yet another point in the chronology of my memory is added. Thank you Ashok for your time with me.

We were merely a facebook friend. We are facebook friend because I am from Bhutan, the land of Thunder Dragon. He loves Bhutan very much. He is from the land of magnificent tigers, India, wonderful big brother to my country. His name is Kushal Ashok. He is computer engineer by profession at Infosys. He did engineering degree from Punjabi University. He is motorcycling enthusiast. I remember our converse on facebook, the love to visit my country for biking. I profoundly welcomed him. He visited Bhutan twice. When he visited for the second time it is my first time to meet someone whom I knew online.

I am not going to describe how we met. When I first saw him, he was facing to his motherland in Jaigon. And when he suddenly turned his position to my motherland, I went smiling to him for a big welcoming hug. Yea, he was coming with profound smiling for the strong introduction. “Are you Sangay?’, ‘yea I am. ‘Are you Ashok?’... Yet still smiling we hug and came in to my silent country. I met him in the bordering state in Jaigon and preceded our walk into Phuntsholing, little town of my country.

We had wonderful dinner at Hotel Peljorling. And here are some of dinner and walking snap of our short meet. Welcome again Ashok.
Second serve of rice

After dinner

SHort walk to Zangdopelri 
Nations as two are so connected and so are the subjects. Happy Indo – Bhutan friendship and Kushal Ashok – Sangay friendship and long live indeed. 


I will love to read your constructive criticisms for if I may deserve.