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Saturday, March 8, 2014

Will you Do If you Could?

It is indeed a common intelligence question that you should ask to oneself. Will you do if you could? If given a chance and having an opportunity, will you do if you could?  
Will you do if you could to litter around the area where you are living in. No single country in the world is in favor of littering.  Every country in the one world is against littering. Few nation adopt law against littering strictly and for many countries it is just stringent on the paper. If you are travelling in Singapore, you will be fine for littering strictly and it is hard living there for the guilty people. And yes bringing back to my own country of GHN, will you do if you could since the law is not strictly applied.

Will you do if you could to get drunk onto the power of modern fashion? Bhutan being a GNH country, it is crystal clear for all the citizens that the due importance on the national dress is prominent. Not anywhere in any law states that in the name of fashion, citizens needs to abide to the change of derived dressing style. It is indeed disgusting to see all sorts of nonsense dressing style cropping up in the society. I take pleasure in to see few wearing gho and kira and beautifying themselves in traditional attire. Will you do if you could to wear  such dressing?
Will you do if you could given a chance and having an opportunity to be anonymous on the social media? Will you blame government in whatever capacity and vocabulary you have? Will you not judge the truth in what you are writing online?  I never knew the history of how social media forum was like before the country was democracy. I definitely know the true nature and face of anonymous identity to shot the arrogance without evidence. Democracy isn't just about criticizing and blaming and losing faith among citizens. Will you let your country go down the slope being a citizen if you could?
Today is present. Yesterday was past. Tomorrow will be the future. Do you want to wake up happily in your life? or else will you be happy to wake up in grieves every day? Will you do that to happen in your life if you could?  And what is the difference between you and other beings? Or am I wrong that you should be compare to an ape. And yes exactly we are going back to our times of ape.


  1. In Bhutan, the biggest concerns as you've mentioned are irresponsible littering and then many loving cultures of others leaving ours behind. This is very thoughtful post from you bro. Share us more!

  2. When visitors from abroad shared about their country, I kept on keeping faith that the time would teach our people too in being responsible. This isn't happening, I noticed. So, the timely highlights such as one you wrote need to be made heard amongst many.
    Hope things will change for better brother. It's been long, I missed our country though.

  3. What a good post. Is social responsibility getting less? This is a good question. Surely people would not litter on the floor of their own home so why in the streets?
    Because we do not have national dress in Australia I cannot really have a perspective on that question but I can relate it to school uniforms and have always thought schools with a uniform are much better and lead to less concerns for parents and students and less competition in appearance and material things, which must be a good thing.
    I understand that being anonymous in social media allows people to say things that they would not normally and also in a manner that they also would not if they had to show their face. You have given me much food for thought in this article.

    1. Thank you maim for your say about your country and I hope people learn more to be responsible. Thank u!

  4. You are right and we as the emerging citizens of Bhutan should do something to curb all these social issues. We can do this if we affirm it ourselves and exert our will power towards good things.


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