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Saturday, April 26, 2014

My village tells a Message

When I am bored with nothing to do, I scribble such thought. Seems not I am crazy enough yet I enjoy and make me smile. Life is worth living to learn and learn and learn…. Have a nice time and be happy!!!

One among villages of near and by my village called Pangthang,
Plateau apposite on the gentle slope opposite the village of Baeyul,
One among felt the heavenly god and caring people of pleasure,
Even beautiful birds and gentle wind mesmerize to pass more.

Hundreds and thousands diverse beautiful flower occupy the heavenly plateau,
And that beautiful and angelic nature of lively girls and women
That the men behold their define destiny with wonderful subject
Pure and happy is my ever green beautiful village, Pangthang

I step forth to leave and that feelings drag me back yet again
The aroma of beautiful beings and environment with burgeon
Dance to and fro the lively ever heavenly abbot on earth
I am in love and yet again and again I remember my village

Deep down running fast to catch the waiting friends of India
There runs and yell the river Ngera Ama Chu – meanders beautifully
Twist between there and here to balance the motion of swirl
And fall from above and dance away yet again to pass the message
Of happiness from Happy Bhutan!!!

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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The Hot

‘Hello’; I am coming there for the romance.
Bunny was still asleep on the bed not to be happy bunny.
Far that way on the cliff degree of fall was shameful
And that girl with broken leg….  

With fat lips and chubby cheek fasten with your own tone
On the skinny lined lip of lazy and crazy man
Far in that little distance yet appears so hot
And that crazy man with broken lips….

Unfurl with that sexy slow air of thy breathe  
Rushing blood and yet hot in it appearance for the first time
Far away yet near and beneath somewhere duality pushed
And that crazy couple with hot surrounding.…. 

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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Philosophical Random Debate on Life!!

A child will be born. He will be born out of duty or love. He’ll be born to diverse background with same trait of not to become a liar. Every child is not born a liar. The moment he is kick out from the womb, he is thrown into the world of partiality, hardhearted, hatred, bully …, Only few are thrown into the world of sympathy, adore, concern and empathy. The entire babies have the same mind, the mind that possesses courage, fear and mercy. Mind it! You are born for the purpose.

The moment he is born, he cries. He shed tears. He shed the tears of joyous, Joyous to see the world through the lens of divine dynasty of his times. And now he is a baby. He is a baby that will cry for another baby’s cry. He will show distinct preferences to adult who help rather than hinder others. He’ll offer unsolicited help to the adult who struggle to reach something.

Yet times will teach him to change accordingly. Times are good and times are bad. In the aroma of romance there is always the setback and prompt that has to be considered and move on though. The times of bad surrounding drive him to the hell as ever he may expect in his life time. The realm of hatred, denial, rejection, and the entire bad fortune will teach him to be the most terror person in the world. And that’s why you will see people giving life for vengeance. When he is driven into the society of compassion and sympathy he will be adorn with respect and prestige. This is where he will see the real human in him. And if possible he will change world for all times to come.

He has characters. The character to love and to see the world revolving for the cause, yet he won’t feel the revolution. By the time he will be into the real consciousness of what is within him, to be human, he will be too late. The repentance will not help to heal the past. His present and past will show not even a single hint for his future. And thus it is of utmost importance that he lives in the world of consciousness of present, past and the future.

This is my simple thought, the thought of how to be a good human at least to self and at the max to the world. I know not nothing except the jovial to enjoy as speaking lord, the luxury of possessing thinking power and the necessity of being good. I will use my privilege to request all human on earth to change world not for at your times only but for all times to come.

Be happy and good luck.

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