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Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Fortunate was what I was once in my life,
Unfortunate is what I am facing now.
You are dominant to defend for your life
But you are deathliest to surrender my verve!

Oh! My owner, oh! My owner,
Your tomfoolery let me bother.
I chew what I got and was given,
Delicious food was your choice for me!

Vigorous was my strength to carry thy loads,
Helpless was my weakness to change my trend.
Your mediocrity and egotistical is what I owe,
Taking away my life for thy survival is what I bow.

Full of alternatives is thy life,
To grass till I die is what you nullify,
Oh! Owner, oh! Owner,
I bow for you to let me live.

Why world is unfair to us?
Why people like my flesh as their taste?
Why religion is subsided under human?
Reinstate religion with other secular ethic;
I pray!!!


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