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Sunday, June 21, 2015

Blogging vacation for long

The situation left me idle, idle that was total silent.
The fact is simple and straight forward - I was new to work.
Study and work is two complete different things to consider and believe.
Yes, working with no guidance is tough and challenging.

More challenging is, you are someone's immediate head,
When I have to decide and give directions that is tougher.
The toughest is when you have to deal for larger interest, the public.
More controversy it becomes when many grievances collide.
Yes, I am working selflessly dedicated to benefits for larger interest.  
The UK times in those seem mundane arena shall prevail ever.
Good news is that UK is developing as the time gallop.
I am living a life in Upper Kheng, the UK times of my time. 

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  1. Welcome back again Sangay and please write more! ^^

  2. Congratulations Sangay and welcome back to blogging when you can ;-)

  3. Welcome back sangay... keepwriting :)

  4. Thanks for your selfless service rendered to the people of UK, indeed my people as I am son of UK.


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