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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

My driver got a Gift

I and my teammates consisting of forest range officer, junior engineers and driver were on excursion one fine sunday to Chamkhar chu and nearby small stream. The day was filled with joy. We collected fern and mushroom. We tried luck to bait trout. Not for killing and eating but for outlandish study by engineer. It was long wait sitting on the huge boulder eyeing to feel the jerk. There was no bite. 

Crab found in Sibjigang stream

After that we went on to small tributary. We left no stone unturned in search of trout to see how really it look like. I heard, it is one among the most delicious fish. Finally, we got one. Ranger confirmed it to be snow trout. I photographed it.

In the meanwhile, I posed for photographs with fish on palm. I directed my driver to focus on trout on the palm with blur background. The fish was stifling without water. After few shutter sound, I said, "it is ok, enough. The fish is dying". 

Snow trout found in tributary of Chamkhar chu

After awhile we took rest under the cool umbrella of huge tree. We drank Foster and juice to self refresh. I was going through the photos snapped during our course of exhaustive fishing.
'Where is my photo with fish', I enquired him. 'Here', he pointed to the photo below after scrolling few photos

A gift or token of remembrance. Simply cool!!

I was like WHAT?!!! after seeing the photo. He was simply smiling and said; 'keep it as a token of long remembrance sir'.

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  1. Journal that imbibes the reality of life and the hoax...

  2. Dear Sangay,

    I get the feeling that you got the name of the fish wrong. Bhutan has two variety of trouts that I know of - Brown Trout and Snow Trout. Brown Trout was introduced and I believe that the Snow Trout is endemic. In my knowledge, Snow Trout is locally called "Yuegna". They are bottom feeders and found in many rivers of Bhutan.

    To see how the fish looks, take a look at the following:


    1. Even I am not truly sure about the name but my ranger friend said it is snow trout. May be it is juvenile snow trout.

  3. I also hear that Rainbow Trout has been introduced in Haa --- not sure if that is true.

  4. It's good that u did not let the fish die.... LOL!

  5. I had a very good laugh at your hilarious photo. You really looked handsome without a fish in hand.


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