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Sunday, June 12, 2011

To My FathEr on fatheR's Day

It has often been cited that the good values and teachings parents give us, is essential for the future foundation of who we become as adults. I have had the privilege to have amazing parents, in particular my father, the person who has taught me the essentials I require in order to live the way I am doing.

I live in a country where most families do not celebrate Father's Day, even if fathers are very well honored and respected because of their roles in the family. My father lives in village far away from me. It is hard living without a father and a mother.

Although we don't really celebrate Father's Day, I always remember my father during the special day. Father's day was always a special day to me. My dad taught me about how to be good to all irrespective of how physically challenged the person is which happens to be one of his favorite subjects to discuss and I remember once I was briefed when I cheated a physically challenged woman in my village. It was too touching that I shed tears. I would look back on such moments with joy and a good lesson. My mother told me if you harm others and cheat he will be always brief you and is always like that. I smiled. And too today I remember this and smile.
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Though my father is uneducated I bet he is far better than few educated lords. He don’t know how to read but he knows how to become equivalent to a good reader in behaviors and mannerism. And now I am very happy that he is now attending Non-formal education class after his hectic day works in village.
Essentially, for the most part of my life, my dad has been one of my biggest rocks, which grounds me securely and focused on the pursuit of my dreams.  I have accomplished almost everything because of him and his perspective on never giving up, which I have adopted.  The father's days I now spent without my father is at times difficult however, the essential lessons he has left me will always be a major part of who I am.   Consequently, for such reasons, my father is always close by even though he is far away from me.
One of the major lessons I was taught was his perseverance, positive attitude and mannerisms even against all odds.  Lessons like this one has restored in me.
In conclusion, for me the strong sense of mannerisms of my father continues to linger and remembering my dad not only on father's day but on a daily basis and this is the best father's day gift I could now give him.
 Good luck my dad....

Image source: Father's day card at Zazzle


  1. Your post reads wonderful. I remembered my dad as I read your post. I could see the tremendous amount of love between you and your dad as your write this post.
    Very wonderful and thoughtful post.

  2. Nice post bro. i'm sure your dad will be more than happy to see himself in you. God bless him. :D


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