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Saturday, June 11, 2011

A rEAl jeRRy

Rat can be quite a menace. People hate rat.  For each every household rats will be there running around, rummaging through food, damaging supplies and breeding beyond control.  Even one rat is enough to turn one's house inside out.

I was studying and preparing for my next exam, Principle of Surveying II. All of a sudden a real cute Jerry ran inside my room as if he is being chased by Tom. I thought Tom may follow him immediately. I waited for a while to see what will follow next.  Then I became a real big Tom. I chased him.

Rats are peculiar in nature. Once they find their setting disturbed, they will begun to relocate them selves to more suitable area. Disturbing their setting will cause them to come out into the open area more often  in search of place, in which people will trap them.  People uses different methods to trap rats. They use fresh food, poisonous bait, peppermint oil which will be available in market and blue pads etc.. But his real enemy Tom, chase him until succeeds.

I was a real Tom on that day. I slowly got up from my chair and started blocking the space under the door. Once I have done with, I started to frighten him with the broom. He was too scared. He tried his possible way to escape but in vain. Finally I got him, Mr. Jerry. And I lost 30 minutes of my study time.

He was too cute and adorable. I thought to keep it as pet but thinking he wouldn't be a good pet I released safely behind our hostel.

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