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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Why CSTians say Engineering is Difficult

Currently CST limits engineers to the traditional or 'normal' types of engineers. Most people would agree on what an engineer does in general: in the main, he or she studies and designs bridges, airfields, ports and other structures ( civil engineer ); aircrafts, machines, turbines, autos etc (aircraft, mechanical and automotive engineers); power stations, pylons, integrated circuit boards and computers (electrical, electronics and computer engineers). Of course there are also engineers who study and design water treatment plants, distillation refineries for petrochemicals etc (chemical and petroleum engineers); enzyme vats and wineries and pharmaceutical factories (biochemical and biomedical engineer); satellite and telecommunication systems (telecommunications engineer)
Whether we should or should not study engineering or any relevant courses at university depends very much on the certain factors, which we the future matriculating student should weigh before coming to an informed decision, where CST student lack it; moreover almost all students under RUB lack this knowledge of what the course is about and where it will take you afterward. Here, since I am engineering student I focus on as to why most of the CSTian say engineering is severe for them.

While in school and while choosing what to study at the university, it solely depends on how much you have scored. All most all students never know actually what engineering is when they join the college. All most all are pretty sure that engineers are highly paid and demanding job in the market.
After joining here in CST and studying engineering as major, I realized that one should know before hand what actually engineering is. Scoring in the high school to 80s and 90s were nothing. That’s why student get frustrated when they see their marks scribbled in 50s and 60s.
Actually we should have real ability for math. It is not necessary to be math genius to take up engineering. But we should have good scoring at math at high school. If not we wouldn’t be selected since everything is on merit basis. Putting hard work in math and scoring high can’t justify. We should have logic to study math.
CST Lab.

 Yes, you might have done well in your pre-university or High School subjects but at the university you will have to deal with much more difficult subjects like Thermodynamics, Soil Mechanics, Engineering Math (advanced calculus, vector analysis, complex algebra, differential equations, among others) and a host of engineering related courses. That said, and all students do not let these perceived difficulties stop from pursuing the program. Because they persevere in their studies and maintain their discipline, and they are able to sail through. And remembering scoring in high school can’t be an excuse.

Another thing to determine is we should be committed...  Running at last moment wouldn't help much. When Saturday night rolls around and all friends are headed out to party on college night, there is a strong possibility that if you are committed you will be stuck in the computer lab with your classmates studying. This is not to say you won't have fun but sometimes school will just have to take priority of the college lifestyle. 

If you are reading this and thinking, "hey no sweat", then engineering may be the route for you and then you will just have to figure out which concentration you think you will enjoy the most. If you feel a little hung up on the math or the possibility of missing that awesome party, then maybe you should just stick to being a business major.

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