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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Sex Sex Sex

Don’t mind if anyone read this. Actually I was busy with my studies. When I was studying, such grimy thinking strikes my mind. And I feel it’s interesting.

There are two things people can't have too much of in this life - one is money, and the other is sex. While most people will never be really rich, everyone can have as much sex as they want. Sex is the most fun you can have without laughing, and it makes you feel good. It makes sense.

Our bodies are formed to enjoy pleasure. We crave it, we need it, want more of it.

Sex is everywhere. It's in movies, on TV, in books and magazines, and all over the Internet. These things are hobbies taken up by nearly everyone in the world. And it's quite obvious that sex is unavoidable.Sex is an enjoyable experience. Studies indicate that people, who enjoy regular sex sleep better, live longer and are generally healthier than their abstinent counterparts.

If a girls are in a new relationship they fear that boy is only after sex. This is what each every girl say whenever a boy propose. And it is advisable not to jump straight into bed with partner. And it’s better make sure that we spend time together and do activities "Other than sex" to keep a relationship strong and gain more trust in our partner. Actually relationship includes sex with passion and desire. Instead of just sex this is more like "making love" and sharing our body and soul with partner. And some have sex for fun.

Ultimately, sex is a preference. How often we have sex depends on our body and how comfortable we feel in sharing it with someone else. There is no such thing as too much sex as long as we are aware of how it affects both our mind and body.

Its really funny to think such while studying.


I will love to read your constructive criticisms for if I may deserve.