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Friday, September 16, 2011

Official Breakup!!!!

2 days ago, we have officially broken up. I was sound asleep. It was 12:04 am. I heard caller ringtone of my mobile ringing so impressively- Rangsem gawai bu mee khar tshue pey bu. I never thought you will be the one… It was my suspended girl friend Om.

You told me about your real past and why you couldn't get the relationship going on anymore.
You don’t want to lug me down. I know I had made a biggest mistake. My heart still pain when I think of. In fact you don’t want me to perturb your life with your new one.
I understand you.

So I have decided to be friend with you again because I know that is the only way we could talk to each other again without stress and tension, despite how loath and afraid I was.

I’m happy that we broke up in a good term and we still talk to each other, but I don’t know if you are doing it because you are guilty of me or you are sincerely care about me, so I don’t know how long our friendship will last, honestly, I’m still in fear, but not so much anymore.

Sometimes I wish I could be the first one who get to know you first, so you will never be hurt, never be abandoned, I will love you and protect you fiercely.
If only I was there for you, I will make sure nobody can hurt you.
If only I was there for you, I will never allow you to hurt yourself.
If only I was there for you, I will prevent tragedy from happening.
If only I was there for you…you will never need to go through all the pain, you will be the happiest woman in the world.

But too bad…we met at the wrong time. I wish that in the future we could still come back to each other, but a wish is just a wish…I won’t hold my hope too high for now. We both have our own goals to achieve and we should concentrate on them.

Anyway, I admit, I’m still madly in love with you, I need time to heal myself and to put you aside, but I wish in the future, I will love you in a better way.

My dearest, as long as you are happy, I will be happy for you, no matter where you are, please promise me to take care of yourself.

Please do not die; you will live for a very long time. You will be doing good, in fact, you must.
You must live your life to the fullest.

I still love you, so very much. And thank you very much for the haunting advices... I hope one day it will subsist in real.
Good luck and I’ll be missing you in my life.


  1. Take care of urself, I know boys are strong.. Times heals everything.

  2. May the God bless you!

    best of luck with your future.

  3. That's good....no sentiments attached....both should be very clear while breaking up:)

  4. yey i thought of breakup party.. hehehe..

  5. Man! same happen to me and we still talk but i hope its not your first love, for me its my first love ahhaaha

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