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Monday, September 26, 2011


It is a sort of simple commitment to my new friend- alike to my earlier friend in everthing except her looks. Thank you all commentators, to my earlier posts, for which your wishes and good luck is answered by dear God. And hope this time I wouldn't give you all a chance to wish for me.
Here it is....

Started at the beginning
Taking it nice and slow
Getting to know each other
And let the rest follow.

You know my other name
I know your favourite song
The nervousness is passing
I’m sure we’ll get along.

It’s been four weeks now
Time spent (in phone) together
Maybe you’ll be closer
Like birds of a feather.

Weeks, months – a year
The future is looking good
Love is growing constantly
Just like I hoped it would.

One day we’re getting married
And now we’re husband and wife
Love will conquer everything
For the rest of our life.

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