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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Let us know!!

All are considered brilliant academically. Faculties considered us grown up and too treat as the same. From the moment of first assembly we were tagged grown up and yea we are. But what if you don’t know the difference between senior and junior? Isn’t it something that the grownup should know and have that skill to act accordingly?

First let me introduce CST. CST stands for College of Science and Technology. Once upon a time it was RTI (Royal Technical Institute) and in 2000 it was upgraded to RBIT (Royal Bhutan Institute of Technology) and later renamed the current name. Don’t misunderstand still for RTI and RBIT, which offered diploma and certificate once upon a time. Many enquire to say, are you in RTI? Whatever be it is only college that offers under graduate degree in Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, IT engineering and Electronics and Communication Engineering.

It is evident that only toppers can make through here. And the reason for us to tag grown up is clear and bold.

Once you are here, you should know that you are not only to learn from books. It is a place where you learn to socialize. It is place where you should know the fundamental nature of friendship and sharing. It will let you know the sense of brotherhood. And important thing you should know is the seniority. It is everywhere. You can’t avoid it wherever you go. If you can’t accept the fact of seniority then you are liable to be ragged and seniors will show that the fact that you should except and learn. This is what happens in western world and India. And CST doesn’t have this culture. This college will prepare to be what you are supposing to and survive in a real world. If someone can’t survive these facts then I doubt whether you will survive in real world?  

Ragging was not here. It is not here and it will not triumph in future too. There is one, that was here from the start of the college, still prevails and it will be in future- briefing.

Cool CST....
There are differences between ragging and briefing. Literally briefing mean information that is given to someone before they do something, or meeting where this happen. If somebody goes beyond the limit of what is desired by mass and if someone dare to deflect away from certain norms, deserve to get briefing. But no ragging!!

Ragging means baiting or bullying someone. In India and western world, we can see lots of student suicide because they can’t clutch the pain of embarrassment. They will be surrounded by seniors and harass them physically.

It is lucky enough that seniors in CST aren’t like that.  The post in Kuensel Forum is not true. He/she was too mean.They were briefed not ragged. They were briefed on timings that they failed to attend important occasions- teacher’s day and picnic with lectures. They were briefed on dress codes in dining hall, necessity to attend prayer which is held once a week and about zero tolerance of substance abuse. 

Remember that being best you are here and to be best in you is better than anyone else or yourself. We are not perfect, no one is, but you are academically sound, for if you were not, you wouldn’t be in this college and no one of us would be!!


  1. Isn't it sad how some people can treat other people, I think it is so sad because deep inside these people they are lacking themselves and they don't feel good enough, so they try to bring other people down :(


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