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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Mistaken !!

When I am in village for vacation I am usually mistaken for my cousin Dangsa Kota. They say we look very similar. For certain extent we may be because we are from same grandparents. He works as a cultural tour guide.

Dangsa Kota
Now here in college I am mistaken for my senior friend Jigme Tshewang. Many lecturers and friends asked me for is he my brother? I simply say yes for my friend and no for lecturers. How this is possible when he from Yangtse and me from S/Jongkhar? May be we look similar because of our little long chin but not long as Phurba Thinley, famous Bhutanese Comedian.

No confusion especially girls, we are who we are, we gonna be what we are to be and we'll never interchange lol!!
Jigme Tshewang


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    1. not exactly!! we are mistaken for identity .. thanks you comment and do keep visiting!!!


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