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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Sangay Dubas'

Some of my friend says, I am 24 hours online and out of curiosity they say I am flirting. Who knows it may be a mere coincidence because we have same time table here. Same dinner timing, same classes timing and only different thing is timing for toileting.

Yesterday I thought this shit, you may say. When I was in schools I used to be proud of my name because I was only Sangay Duba. There were double Pema Dorji, Sonam Dorji, Karma Dorji and many more. And some triple too. I always put on BBS radio to check if there is any Sangay Duba in other part of the nation. When I was in class eight I heard BBS radio broadcasting my name Sangay Duba, that is tagged for a man in Mongar. As a young boy then I was happy that at least there is one person with same name as mine. When I reached twelfth standard, big smile ride my face. I saw my name being tagged for a man who got promoted to the post of Dzongda in Kuensel. Really felt great lol!!

 People will have same name but they have different fame. Physically and mentally they are different. They are totally different in everything.

Yesterday I searched on facebook and I found nine Sangay Dubas. They are totally different Sangay Duba. I will describe one by one.

Sangay Duba 1
Number one Sangay Duba I found was who studied at Mongar High School. His favorite quotation is “the best dream happens when you are awake”.  He has limited information.

Sangay Duba 2
This is the smart second Sangay Duba who is studying at Bharathiar University, India. And he has only this information.
Sangay Duba 2

Sangay Duba 3
Here is another Sangay Duba who is currently monk in Mongar Dratshang. His interest mentioned is for both male and female. And information is limited to his interest only.
Gelong Sangay Duba

Sangay Duba 4
He is at kanglung and graduated from Nangkor High School, Pema Gatshel.  His interest matches with gelong Sangay Duba and his favorite quotation is “I walk slowly but not backward”. Seems he is cool man!
Sangay Duba 4

Sangay Duba 5, 
Sangay Duba 6,
Sangay Duba 7 and Sangay Duba 8 don’t have any details neither their photos. 

And last Sangay Duba, myself with another name Salman Khan, his favorite actor. His interest is for both male and female. His favorite quotation is ‎"When you are in Love you can't fall asleep because reality is better than your dreams” and describe himself - crazy to be friend but lazy to be sociable..... And respect for what they are.................. Friendly and.........
Sangay Duba, Salman Khan

His profile says that he is at Greece working as cow herder in cow association and studied at College of Science and Technology.  

And one peculiar thing I have noticed to all Sangay Duba is that all Sangay Dubas are single. No one is in relationship. 


  1. I totally understand loving your name that is unique. I love my name Launna (pronounced La-wanna) The name is growing a little as I have met a few people with the name but not very many people spell it the way I do. I am an original and I like it that way ;)

    1. thank you Launna for visiting and commenting!!
      Yea we like to be we what we are though our name may be same as others!!


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