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Friday, May 4, 2012

The Real Pain!!!

I can’t justify myself. I can’t lead the role. I am not good in words. You vent your anger on me. I will endure all pains. I will not harm you with bad words. I will not beg you. I will let you to respect your feelings and let you do what your heart says to! I will not say I hate you instead love you more for doing what your heart says.

And I beg sorry for not able to show your way in my heart. Sorry for that little mischief that can be forgiven but you didn’t because for you it confirms I did a big blunder. Only I can say is simple sorry from bottom of my heart. My head and brain numbs when I endeavor to say more because I am not a perfect man. Like perfect man perfect love can’t be found. So don’t mind I swear I am not perfect and I couldn’t do the perfect thing and give you the perfect love. My little butter flies left with broken wings. My little smile from immeasurable dept left unseen. My treasured words -‘I love you’ to you left unheard.

Though the pain is unbearable I will try to accept it and hope time will teach me to heal it. And here is what I will recite to you in tears!!

In every Room of our time together there is a box,
Of memories we shared,
Now is the time to pack away,
With Sadness and with Care.

The first is a simple smile,
When ever I thought of you,
Neatly folded into four,
It’s the best that I could do.

Next are all the memories,
Of the times when we were two,
Wrapped with love one by one,
Sealed with tears as glue.

And then there are the butterflies,
I had when you were near,
Now in a cage of sadness,
And locked up with a tear.

Now to pack are the pieces of my heart,
Gathered in a pile,
Each one wrapped up tenderly,
And placed next to a distant smile.

Finally all the shattered wishes,
Placed in softly so no more can break,
Covering them over trying not to cry,
So they would not all ache.

Lastly walking round in my room,
Closing each and every curtain,
Shutting the door with deep pain,
Leaving behind each and every pain.

Gathering up the memories we shared,
Making sure I’ve got them all,
Packing them softly because I cared,
Leaving them in the boxes in the hall… Goodbye...

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