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Friday, June 29, 2012

Thimphu to Gelephu

The purpose was not defined! Yet it started from Thimphu bus terminal till Gelephu bus terminal. Everything was fresh and fine early in the morning. The crowd was busy and rushing. All buses were getting ready to move to their destiny. When it was 7:00 am in my mobile driver calmingly pressed the accelerator hard signaling we are ready to move. Soon the wheels started rolling and my journey started from the capital city, Thimphu.

Majority of the passengers were Nepali, may be because our destiny is to the south. And sadly all were mothers of one or two – little cute baby in their arms holding tight and diligent fathers – face proved that they are sturdy. I was with my classmate friend Phuntsho Wangdi.

A Nepali grandfather sold Churkam (dried cheese) with his admired Dzongkha dialect mixed with humors and our journey was set worthwhile with Churkam in everyone’s mouth. 

Soon with a sharp horn near Lungtenphu army camp we reached Semtokha. From there it was up – to the chilly serene scene of Dochula. A lady passenger requested driver to play music. She was rejected till Dochula.  Everything was beautiful and quit. The rising seat and tip of Chorten (stupa) and monastery were overwhelming. The awesomeness soon disappeared to the tune of Sem gawi Ngyem (happy day of beautiful sun) of Jangchub Choden and Tshering Dorji.  We were heading down then.

Everyone was quit. The road was snaky through the dense huge grand trees with long and beautiful mosses decorating them. The wind was chilly. And I was fallen asleep. The music was so sharp and it was Nepali song when I was awakened at Thinleygang.

A lady was beside road with cucumbers and maize corn. Driver stopped to ask the price of cucumber while I bought maize corn and enjoyed its allure between my teeth till Wangdue.

Muddy and noisy was the Wangdue town. There were trucks moving one after another. Seemed the town is kept busy by the ongoing Punatshachu Hydropower Project. Splashing muddy water to the roadside few cameras flashed to the burned Dzong (fortress).  All the conversations were sympathetic. The sympathy of helpless headless Dzong, the unavailability of fund to rebuild and more emotional strikes with the continuing smoke from the Dzong were what they murmured each other.  Everyone felt sorry for the unfortunate misery.

A huge jerk and bumpy ride made our way along hydropower construction. Many were amazed to see big holes dug on the difficult rocky terrain. They were counting the holes on their fingers tip till the motel where we had lunch. With chicken curry and rice, Bhutan has developed was their conclusion with their counts of number of tunnels on their fingers.

With full tummy we continued our journey along the turbid river. The sight of huge machineries and grouted mountain continues till we cross the river through beautifully designed bridge.  The breeze of the dashing river was cool and fresh.

The song girl you are my angel frenzied the curves to Tsirang Dzongkhag.  Up through the green chirpine with dark trunk and fearing hills, negotiating all those curves, we were greeted profoundly – welcome to Tsirang Dzongkhang on flamboyant board with red background.
image from google~

Through the sloping valleys and bungalows, little goat craving to stand for the green fresh bunch of grass, bulbul singing and dancing to the tune and rhythm of wind, sun shining to wedge its rays on my forehead we reached Damphu town. An angelic look with tika on their forehead, ostensibly smiling heart throbbing and greeting with Dzongkha in Nepali dialect I was overwhelmed for their courtesy and mannerism of Damphu shopkeeper.

Sloping down through thick and foggy weather, negotiating the bumpy road we were finally at the deserted Sarpang check post. I was taken back to Garage town at S/Jongkhar. I wasn’t sure how far Gelephu is? My friend explicated me the names of the passing places. Vegetation starting from Tsirang valley till Sarpang check post is similar to my village.

Students’ with ash colored dress, lean umbrella, shops with no guarantee of when to collapse, barbers tackling their scissors through the rough hair of Nepali looks men best decorated the so called Sarpang Bazaar.

Simple sharchokpa girl standing with sweet smile to travelers, Nepali Kanchi with goats and cows playing in a fresh dew rain drops, and future airport waving its ring colured blue and white strips made our journey gratifying to reach our destiny.

Road from Sarpang to Gelephu is least fortunate. Small streams defined their ways to make it bumpier and it was remarkable when we were tuned to the rhythm of Ata Youngba with every thrust.

Little not far from among the huge trees, the raising tip of the yellow building, few taxis, sharp turn to the round concreted blacktopped space, thrice hard sound of accelerator being pressed hard connoted finally we were to destiny.

The crowd was again busy. And I was finally on the sofa. Gelephu is hot like hell.  

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Real me!!

If you are with me today I would have given you my part. I would have let you see the real me! The real me is always hidden. For the wrong person fake real I am was revealed.  The real I am is not revealed yet. Time and work load matters for me a lot to reveal all these to you. But I am still waiting for the inaugural day. 

College days for me are busiest day in my life. Life itself is full of tests and I accept the reality. Loads of assignment, daily preparation for tests, preparation for practical, viva voice etc keep me busy always. There are always soft corner for you but petite time to think off. 

Ends were the days when I am done with all exams and relax. It is relaxing days for me. Relax after a long journey of tough work and thinking. Particular I felt so tough in engineering and formulaic. But with time I move on step by step and that is the factual charisma of hard work. 

More free time makes me dull. When it rains duller I become. I can’t go elsewhere. It’s the best time for me to think about you and our relation. Yes I did a lot. But what is there when you are not with me! Nothing seems interesting rather than a biggest day dream ever. The more I think the more day dreamer I befall.

Be with me so that I can at least share my part and real me! Lovers depart but not their love and I believe this simple theory and you forever. Take care and see you soon sometimes somewhere!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

First Birthday Post!!

I have been living 23 years till today. On this particular date I was born to sweet mother Tshewang Gyelmo and compassionate father Wangchuk. I was second child in the family. We are big family and happy as ever for which my father stresses on it always. I have an elder sister, two younger sisters, and three younger brothers.

I usually don’t do anything special on my birthday and I am not that concern to celebrate it. And sometimes when I think of it may be a day or two passed by then. I never have record of cutting cake and everybody shouting happy birthday without having really meant to wish for lol. Usually I pray for good fortune, in particular to all people born on this date and to all sentient beings. Let them not suffer and don’t hurt others for which if you do, you can’t justify your life. I chant few hundreds of Baza Guru and Mani and proffer to God.

What is the actual sense for celebrating getting old? Is it that we get strength to live long? It is indeed an anniversary and glorious time of being born unique and to be unique in our own ways.  Age is just a number and more important is we should keep our body healthy that can hold up and live life as an adventure. As long as, one can dream it, one can do it and better time to dream is on a birthday!

Spreading birthday wishes on the social-networking site has become an automatic impulse for many users. My first birthday wish was on June 17, 2009 on Facebook. All most all my friends wished me Happy Birthday! Thank you Facebook, even mere stranger wish me loads of lucks and wishes.

Everyone have wishes. Wish to have good life and every single of us want to win in life. We have Dreams of our own and thoughts to unit with one that we love and dreams becoming one with our unity. To befall dreams of mine yours’ and yours’ mine, your life becoming mine and my life becoming yours and together we are our, are the immense thoughts that we all have in our existence. The feeling, love, excitements... where it is? How it vanish? Perhaps time will change. And everything is going to change with time.  Live happily and let your times be full of good memories and wonder!!

Om mani Pedmay Hung!!!

Om a hung baza Guru Pema sidhi hung!!!

Monday, June 11, 2012

The Best Outfit

I am not fashionable and I don’t like to be. But I like the way how others dress that are simple and less exposed. Moreover I was brought up in the society of less exposure. During last 23 years of my growth from little boy to man I have seen tremendous changes in dressing styles. It is not only threatening to once own culture of dressing but it is damn shameful to see sexy and long redundant body parts exposed.

Bhutanese society has grown a lot in fashion. More and more youth are into Korean and Japanese dressing styles. We can see fancy dresses everywhere. And the saddest part is more and more clothes are reducing in size where by only the main parts are covered and it is really disgusting.

Changes are inevitable but it is not changing in a desired way. It won’t be wonder one day when our own daughter and son ask for help to zip their pants up. The world has become too sexy. And the people with notion to rape, their works become so easy and prompting to do.

Nothing special I can conclude but here are the best outfits that I ever liked and it is worth to be what you wear with dignity.

Fourth King when he was young boy
Bhutanese purely traditional dressing ( http://leythro-darlo.blogspot.com/  )
Simple and nice outfit of one of the trainee Of PCE
Fourth King when he was young man
My Facebook friend Emilie 
Best outfit of a friend, SAngay


Sunday, June 10, 2012

With Dasho Dr. Sonam Kinga

 It was indeed a great pleasure to meet our National Council Deputy Chairperson Dr. Sonam Kinga on Facebook and chat with him. I am fan of him for his writing skills and public speech. Last year he visited our college and gave talk on Democracy in Bhutan and had dinner with students in student mess. I was totally inspired and motivated.

The talks and the messages that he gave was immense. Though Dasho told me not to post our conversation here but your inspiration and motivation is so immense that I can’t resist keeping it save in my PC. So I am sharing with my fellow readers here and sorry la Dasho.

I asked few questions that may not be relevant to anything. And I was totally glad that Dasho left no questions unanswered.

Last year I did chat with our Prime Minister Jigme Y Thinley for a while and I regret that I forgot to save our conversations. And we have such leaders who don’t differentiate anyone besides their busy schedule and hope in future too Bhutan will be ruled by such people. Pelden Drukpa.

Here it is my converse with Dasho Dr. Sonam Kinga on Facebook today.

Hello Dasho... what is the status of government on rupee crunch?

Dasho: Well, did not you read the papers? The government just borrowed more rupees. That is the final solution the government offered.

Yea I did la...
Does it mean that after spending that amount rupee problem will be solved?

Dasho: No, my fear is that as long as we don't earn rupees, as long as we cut down spending, rupee problem will only come up. We will borrow more and the country including future generations will land up i n more debt. But the govt. is too powerful, it thinks it knows the solution and does not listen to others. It silences critics by bringing in foreign experts such as Nobel Prize winners.

If it be then how can we go ahead la?

Dasho: There are ways to go about. NC will be discussing this in the present session. We will see what solutions we can offer.

Nice to know la...

Dasho: Your profile shows you live in Athens. Is that true?

No la Dasho I am engineering trainee here in CST...

Dasho: That is what I thought!

I was inspired the way how to write and speak in public since your visit last year

Dasho: Well, I am flattered! Thank you

Can we stress on to have manufacturing company for our own national dress?
I see only belt that we wear is manufactured home...
Sometimes it is ridiculous we Bhutanese can't afford to buy our own national dress within country like Bura and etc... 

Dasho: I agree with you. Bura and Seshu are too expensive for ordinary people. On the other hand, there are home woven materials that are much cheaper. The only difference is that they are cottage products and not visible in market. I don't think we need manufacturing companies. I think, we need to support, subsidize and promote home weavers. That should be a change in   policy direction concerning gho and kira.
Khaling weaving centre is having an impact but it is again very small.

Even if we do that i think it can't suffice our society because our society is more into paints and shirts...
And moreover we find very few wearing our national dress in towns... 

Dasho: But we must make an attempt. Just can't give up like that!

I heard that there are one or two agent supplying school uniforms to particular schools and what if such entrepreneur come up more for other dress too which will be home made? 

Dasho: That will be good. You know Lyonchen introduced a new loom like the one in Laos. He started in Pema Gatshel. If that loom does not distort traditional designs, etc. this would be good for increasing production and supply,

And one more thing I can see is many of our +2 students who are not qualified for in country training goes to India. Is there anyone coming up with private college like RTC la?

Dasho: There are a few proposals. MoE is sitting on the proposal. I think there were three proposals.

I was glad that many more political parties are coming up and some got registered with ECB and others processing to get registered...
My concern is, will there be enough candidates from all constituencies to contest for? 

Dasho: That is the concern of every people. Will there be enough candidates? Will there be a good leader etc?

I think some constituencies will not have candidate... Even a fresh graduate

Dasho: That is true. So some parties may chose to give up certain constituencies

 oic.. Can that be possible la?
Dasho: It is possible if you don't get candidates

 Dasho, Can I post our conversation on my blog la?

Dasho: No, please don't do so for now! What is your blog? If you want to blog our conversations in future, let us engage in more conversations. I really like the idea of posting it on blog. Why didn't I think of that?

 I write nothing special but my daily random thoughts la...

Dasho: Anyway, that is very good! How do you upload a conversation on a blog?
OK, you have been a real help! Thank you and have a great day. I am going home now.

Ok la... Same to u la Dasho and hope in future too there will lots of people like you who could move our nation forward...

I am inspired and motivated more from your writing and public speaking la.

Dasho:Thank you and I hope I keep inspiring you. I am only worried I may be a disappointment!

And Dasho went offline. Thank you so much Dasho for your time!!

Love vs. Romance

Today I made up my mind to share what I have written long time ago.

Love vs. Romance. Know the difference before it’s too late!
There IS a difference! 
Romance – a manipulation technique designed to make someone open to Sex. The source of Romance is LUST.
Love – when someone’s happiness means more than our own. The source of Love is CARING.
To many people, Romance means ‘showing love’. That’s not true. We show love by protecting the ones we care for with the intent to ensure their lasting happiness. That doesn’t necessarily mean that we’re nice to them.

Lust’s motive is ORGASM.
Love’s motive is CARING.

When we want to show how much we care, we stroke them, cuddle them, and play with them. We do all of these things to keep them happy and healthy. We do these things to keep them from suffering in any way.

We do the SAME THING with people we love whether they are our parents, our friends, or our children – we hug them, play with them, joke around with them, make sure they’ve eaten, make sure their colds are taken care of, we make sure they are not suffering in any way –- physically or emotionally. We also bitch them out when they’ve done something that could harm them or result in misery.

The difference between these people and a Lover is that when we are showing that we care for a lover, we use sex to bring them the greatest physical pleasure we can.
LUST is a physical urge, like eating when we’re hungry, seeking warmth in the cold, or needing to pee. It is an urge that seeks relief just like all our other physical urges.

Love doesn’t use, it GIVES.

Love gives affection to make the one loved happy.
Lust takes affection to make them happy. 
Lust Takes pleasure.
Love Gives it. 

Jealousy is NOT a sign of LOVE. 
Jealousy a sign of possession, of ownership; of FEAR that their object will be taken from them and no longer be theirs to USE.

When one is in love and their lover sleeps with someone else, that one does not feel jealousy they feel FAILURE.