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Friday, April 19, 2013

The Young Heart

“Mesmerized by the beauty of someone, it awakens poignant thought of her refusal”

“Mesmerized by the beauty of someone, it awakens poignant thought of her refusal”, it was my facebook status yesterday. Ashamed I am for writing such about so called love because I am old enough to think about love but the love is everywhere. And believe me love will teach you to be everything, reach you everywhere and hit you with no mercy. 

One day she came wafting aside me. The rhythm was so cool that I got completely dissolved in the thought of accompanying with her. I feel it was love at first sight. The sight of her beauty – light brown hair, exquisite eyes that seems likely to call someone, rosy cheek, and a beautiful flowery mouth that seems to shower the blossom of beautiful and aspiring words. It is her and her name is impressive that I derived and called her Rose. 

Lucky I am that I can see her daily walking to and fro for her classes. Doomed I am, I can’t talk to her and ask her something that would suffice opportunity of talking to her. Days and nights passed by staring behind and unknowingly from the window of my room, everything became my usual activity to embrace her beauty. 

With much diffidence and denial, my mine over react to propose her, my intellect only perceive of her refusal. But the power and the enervated confident of my heart keeps no distance much to write few feelings to her on facebook. Her reply and the zeal to chat with me make me grin whenever I read her message. Moment I see the red sign of her message, my face beam to shine with loads of love that I carry to pour on her. Slowly at the snail’s pace I pour my heavy feelings. 
Derived name equivalent to Rose!
Deep rooted from the beneath of my heart I do have the feelings that is pouring mix with your name and beautiful Rosali. Burly base hold me tight that sometimes I awake myself in the poignant of her charming and lively face like the fresh morning dew on beautiful rose. 

She was quit amuse for when I told my feelings. Her smile and her little denial of her no interest to anyone makes me less polluted in the aroma of her beauty. Yes, she is least interested to anyone. May be there is no handsome that can bury her beauty to blend with. And I am least bothered to see my good looking rather I am the dear follower of what my heart command to do and act. Or maybe my feelings were too heavy. 

I won’t give up embracing her beauty that I never did encounter in my life. It shall teach me the lesson to learn more about life that will drive to love more irrespective of who you are and how old you are. And too I’ll not forget and follow her silently from my window though it is weird. I will see her beautiful angelic figure dancing to and fro for her daily classes.


  1. hey jaroo dont flirt much sii wai ... craack redu n wagtsa

  2. It's difficult to be open with someone when you have so much emotion for them and you are not sure if they could have the same feelings for you... :/


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