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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

To my Son!!

Don’t get drunk on to the power of mesmerism of the beauty that will disturb your study.

Dear son,

I am your dad Sangay. Hope you are doing well. I always expect you be good and should be doing your study hard. I, your mom and your little sister is doing great here. And yea, your grandma and grandpa always wants to meet you. 

Hope your teachers and friends are all good. Son, do good to your friends for friends are what you need where and whenever you go. And be respectful and obey your teachers. Because teachers will teach you what you don’t know and show your ways and choose the right way of your own son. 

Since you started schooling early as young as you weren’t able to at least tell me whether I am too old or not, I didn’t get time to tell you something that I always wanted to. Thought you will not understand. Now I am old enough and you are grown up so that you will understand what I’ll say here upon. Son, I am missing you and don’t miss me and your mom for its not a good time to miss us, do concentrate on your studies and excel with colorful result. 

Do you know how important is hard work these days? During our times, scoring around 70 % and getting admitted to fine college was enough to find our living after our study. The time in which you were born is so competitive son. I know you are good and you will strive for excellence. Even then son, hard work is what you shouldn’t forget to put in whatever you do. I’ll have no solutions or methodology as to how you should work hard. You already know how to go about to be hard working. Hard work is the key to success.

When I was young man like you, I usually used to enjoy the beauty, Beauty in everything. The beauty that teaches me lessons. The beauty of changing seasons, the beauty of beautiful chirping little birds, the beauty of angel from heaven on earth, and the beauty of your mom did taught me loads of lessons that today I’ll share with you my son. 

The beauty of changing seasons, you will see everything comes by nature. The surrounding in which you live and place where you go is all blend with beauty. You should give a thought as to how your time is approaching for your exams when the seasons got changed to challenge you with exams. If you remind of yourself of the changing beauty of seasons you will definitely be tagged to study more to prepare for your sole purpose in your college. 
The beauty of beautiful chirping birds should not disturb you my son. It’s the nature that they are happy to be with you. They are jovial for you are born for the purpose to embrace them. You never had given a thought, what if everything is filled up with naughty humans? What if there isn’t nature, and beautiful animals living around your surroundings? When I was like you, at CST (College of Science and Technology), I used to enjoy different kinds of birds enjoying on the giant tree that you will still see there. To my dismay one bird had to succumb to death since she hits on the wall of the building nearby. And for her departure from me I have written a dedicated poem for her. 

The beauty of an angel from heaven on earth will thrill you my son. There are different kinds of beauty when it pertains to angelic girls when you fall in love. When you throw your hook is bait for to catch fish from the pond, you can’t expect the same fish you’ll get hooked. The word called love is terrible and lovable. And that is why the fishes are different in the pond. 

One way or other you should learn to endure the pain if your fish is too dangerous that tries to break your fragile heart. And it is your luck and destiny if you encounter a beautiful and lovely fish.

Your dad had painful experience. My first love dumped me to dust. And I took almost a year to get back to forget everything about her though she is now your kind aunt to our neighbor.  Son don’t run after whom you love, instead be with one that comes running after you. That is your destiny dear son. You will be happy ever like me and your mom. Your mom still hate me for making her run so fast that when she reached to me, she was almost tired to death. 

And remind son that you don’t drunk on to the power of mesmerism of the beauty that will disturb your study. 

Thank you son for your time and do study hard. I will get to you after few weeks with another random thought since I am bit busy now with the up-coming project in the Ministry of Works and Human Settlement.  

And yea I have credited your account with Nu. 5000 as your pocket money. Take care!!

Yours’ loving Dad

Sangay Duba


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    1. Thank you for visiting my blog and yea i'll its my pleasure!!

  2. Very thoughtful and caring Sangay :)

    1. Thank you miam!!! Hope i'll be like you one day!

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    1. Thank you for following my blog and it is pleasure for me to follow yours too!! Keep visiting!!

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  5. Sangay, this is a lovely letter to your future son imparting all the wisdom a father needs to do. keep it up :)

  6. Nice one dude....keep on writing.


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