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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

I Wish Happiness for all

“To my Apa Wangchuk: I know you are with cattle and busy guarding the maize field. After tiring day work you attend your non-formal education class and mother always complain about your age in joining young to learn. You brought tears to mesmerize me how mannerism is unavoidable for humanism and today a day without you I feel incomplete and yea I am coming home dad!! See you with your smile and notebook of your nice handwriting!! — feeling excited”.

This was my status on facebook on fathers’ day. I am so excited that more than thirty people liked it. And still few more likes are coming in. This is my first ever status that ever got liked from my friends. When I meet my friends they got to pour their smile and wish me safe journey. And wish for happy times with my dad and cattle back home. Thank you everyone for your love and support. 

Today is the birth anniversary of Guru Rinpochhe. On this auspicious day I want to wish all the people around the globe that to pray for your happiness without forgetting the happiness that you will give to others since the perfume of happiness can’t be poured to others without getting a single drop on you first. We always hurry to grow as fast as possible to do and act what our adults do to have fun and the process continue till the point  where you realize actually you were wrong. Let you grow naturally. Let you pick up naturally with times. 

In this modern arena, it is now important that we study every part starting from your inner essence to surrounding that surrounds you.  Everything needs to be protected to have fun. The world is crying over global warming, dangerous tsunamis, flash floods, GLOF etc etc… you need to protect mother earth. 

As said earlier, in the process of having and trying to have fun, it is important that you have to have space for others to have fun. There can’t be such as only you having a fun. If others are suffering will you have fun? This is the question that I want to leave for you to answer. It is important that you be kind and compassionate. 

Good lUck


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