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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

To Outgoing friends

With heart full of thought to miss you all, today I got strong feeling that I pen down few lines for my outgoing friends. 

We were unknown; we were Just a mere stranger at the beginning. Times taught us. Time taught to laugh, time taught us to cry and time taught us to merge us together and know among. And thus we established a strong bond that today I am feeling the breakage and denial of my heart of how I will miss you all. 

It is indeed great that you all are not same as you were in the first year. It is great that everyone is prepared to handle the charms and setbacks of life ahead. Journey of professionalism and the journey of family will decide your overall life as an engineer wherever you work. I am afraid to argue that the dignity and mannerism holds bold in and on the stage of life and yea it is indeed a universal truth. 

It is not my temerity to wish you all happy life ahead but the fact of being a fibbing friend; it is great journey of my times together with you all. I am very happy that most of you have taken best decision of life and merge to form duality. And the most of all in Mr Chota Don (little Phuntsho Wangdue) has now gain confidence to face the real world of challenging his heart in facing the beauty of someone who is close to his small yet clean heart. And yea Doulay you are looking good with your dear wife and don’t try to at the least think of having step wife in your life; hope not I have said beyond limit... haha... 

Mr. Pilla Gyombo Wanggyel, you are man of good choice. Choose the best that can attract the fragrance of yours and land on the beautiful flowers of modern arena. Doro and Zam, I mean Doro, you are awesome to ask me always where Duba is. Duba is always around fibbing and making fun of. Gurujii, Gajini of me, the maximum laugh till you shed tears once in your life for I request. 

Kaa, the Micial of our times, you are wonderful little man. You eat like horse yet your body seems you haven’t eaten for month. DEO, finally you revealed your voice and confidence of talking to her among friends. You are so selfish that only your voice is let to hear by you dear one hahaha… you are wonderful friend that I can’t think to forget. 

My two Bamnangs; Pema Choden and Karma Choki of electrical, I will miss your kiddy calling me Gadpu and yea I will be always Gadpu with you two. And for Sonam, cool man, take care and be cool always. 

Rival and chaos between Gapo and Kayta, cool intellectual philosophy of Darjay, and the profound intellect of Namgay; Phuyum, Khandu, MOtay, Theabrang, and my ex-roommate Sangay Gyeltshen and Bush... these all shall remain ever as the friendship history. 

Ajang and Bachelor, good luck for both of you who have found the best in you and your kind heart of fragrance flower that attract bees like you to decide your life. Many years of friendship starting from middle secondary school to college it was great being with you. 

Lastly to Bamzay, the comedian on confession page, I will miss you. Each every seconds of my life will trigger the best to remember you all here after. 

And to all the friends that I relate the value your friendship I want to thank you for being best for me and I wish each and every one of you a happy life ahead to the ever ending wish and to the short term wish I wish good luck in campus recruitment. 

Pardon me for if I have over exaggerated. 

Sangay DUba, on behalf of 09 batch and on my own behalf. 


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  4. Hi Sangay... moving on is never easy... you will always have your friends and memories. I look forward to your next post ;-)

  5. hey jaro or the disguised salman khan of cst... that is too cool of u... will miss u too... but stop flirting with gals ya man... i know there is not a single gal here in cst that u havn't flirted... and i know ur intention of flirting....
    plez dont flirt with the incoming first year gals.. u are too old to flirt with them now....

  6. All your friends, together they've come to the end of a long journey. That's achievement. Bro.it's nice that u also shared some wonderful moments with them. And now as they'll find their own tracks to begin yet another journey, i wish them comfortable drive ahead.

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