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Monday, December 30, 2013

Back in 2013

2012 ended with much fear. World was feared by the rumor of the bullshit predicted doomsday. Yet the fear went away when fresh new 2013 begun. Still 2012 will be the year for disenchantment with the way people tried for disharmony and dissonance. Little old 2013 embarked upon the endear success and failures that I have to share…

Yes, time and tide wait for none. It goes on and on. Never on its happiness neither off its glee, will dare to wait for none. Time does have an endless and tireless journey of reminders for me. Yet it is my own aide-mémoire to remember in my future.

Starting the fresh beginning of 2013, I was in sixth semester in the college that always taught me the vitality of what time is! The year was new. I have my own share to study the old stuffs once more. For the first time I was alone in a room. For the first time I had to repeat the semester. Engineering is not a cup of tea for me, really! No one is perfect for if we are, you won’t be here on earth and I won’t be too. And nobody will be on earth. That is why I had second chance to fight the battle of technical studies. Finally I won.

Midway through the year, I was in seventh semester, final year in the college. It was the time of joy and bossy boots. Yet it was challenging with the project work for the fulfillment of degree programme. Struggling and wedged between the project, seminar and update of the class lessons, finally I am done with exams and again attached for the On-the Job-Training (OJT). It is considered as a module in eighth semester.
With Jigme at Buddha Point, 2013!

I have visited historic Lhuntse for the first time admitting the genuine addition excursion in the chronology of events in life. It was worth visiting yet dazzling to the erudite book of History of Bhutan. Inevitably I am to-ing and fro-ing between Lingmithang and Gyelposhing in Mongar and thus it ends 2013. Yet I will begin my year visiting the Guru at Tangmachu, Lhuntse. Hope I get the blessings and I will pray for the peace in the world and happiness of the people.
Survey on the Dam, Kurichu Hydro Power Plant, 2013!

I wish everyone Happy New Year 2014. Smile and Be happy!!!
End of 2013 and beginning of 2014! 


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