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Sunday, December 8, 2013

The Beautiful Eyes I have ever Seen

Life is all about experimenting and experiencing the beautiful and bad moment in it. The journey strewn with beautiful leaves will reveal its most beautiful aroma that one will not forget in the entire journey. It is not all about beauty and good. Yet it is rude by itself to reveal its bad face. And collectively it is the journey of zigzag path just like river. Twists, turns, bends and falls are uncountable. As is the life. Yet it is beautiful to live it to the fullest and best to learn from bad.

On the meandering ways of river of my life, I observe the beauty of what we see the beauty around us – the eyes. It is the prized gift of nature to all of us. It is sad for some nature hasn't played fair. But few lost the precious gift due to accident. How sad it is? When we close the door of sight we reminisce how surrounding looked like. And for who hasn't seen, I contemplate on how they are thinking? I know they desire endlessly for the gift.

Basically I am going to share beautiful and lively eyes I have seen. Because they are inspiring piece for me to pounder my thoughts of appreciation.

It is indeed great lost for the world. The world mourned for the death of Nelson Mandela. Indeed People around the globe are suffering from bereavement. A man with so beautiful eyes and with beautiful dreams he had fulfilled. I anticipate yet another Mandela will be born for the further unification of the broken world.
Nelson Mandela

Though people will live without you, definitely they will remember the deep sense you have instill through the deep eyes of love and compassion. Rest in peace.  Your beautiful eyes, handsome face and impactful life will be remembered forever.

I found these eyes of someone on facebook. It is simply awesome and charming. It is innocent yet fulfilling the ramification of beauty of the world. I owe them for the beautification and adding value in me to embrace the world with love.


  1. This is a nice article bro. And yeah as you said, eyes are the wonderful making of nature in animals. You seems busy these days. Keep going bro. All the best for whatever you do..


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