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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Beautiful Lhuntse

History taught me about Lhuntse and its importance. It has brighten my thoughts on how Bhutan is special with little Lhuntse we have. Today I was on my journey to a site at the place of great historic importance. Yet I remember our forefathers Jigme Namgyel and Gongsar Ugyen Wangchuk’s struggle to fortify Bhutan.

Beautiful Chali of Mongar Dzongkhag with beautiful yellowish terraces lead my way. Below and above the road, I can see happy Bhutanese enjoying the daily works for their livelihood. Valleys are incredible. Green Khuri chhu is calm yet it is making its fix way opposite to my journey.

The carriageway is very small. It is not up to the laid standard on the book. I felt like the road actually doesn’t have vehicular access as per the required standard. I never know the exact reason why the system is like that but I grumble on the ultimate reason of budget constrain from the responsible persons. Still it was worth plying on seeing the beautiful historic sites of the country.

Mountains and small towns are almost same. It is decorated with dried shrubbery and constructed with pine woods. And yet I find it is most vulnerable to fire. There is no single firefighting equipment I could see in those little towns. Bumthang and Wamrong town succumbed to fire outbreak few years ago. The same fate would happen to these lined houses of Khoma and Lhuntse towns unless otherwise people are totally vigilant. Locality needs to pine for the fire safety and fighting equipments.

Kuri Chhu is calm and it divides the modern and traditional route. Left bank bears the road access and from the left bank on the same height I can see the shunted traditional route. Bhutan has excelled in travelling amenities. It has to go long way to be safe from fire. Yet forest needs to be saved.
Kuri Chhu

Seeing those routes, I blend my thoughts with how people might have struggled to reach the fortress that is held so high on the peak of the mountain. Still people use these routes. It is beautiful to see and good to visualize how great leaders of the past had faced the harsh reality to unify Bhutan. It is again indeed sad to see the sturdy foundation of the shunted bridge.
Lhuntse Dzong

I yearn to sit beside old citizens of the locality and listen to how the past of the region were.  Yet I desire to visit Dungkar gewog. I have bucketloads of charm to visit again.  

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