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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Come hither, young girl

In her eyes of enjoyment, I see thousand rays of smile!
Only you in this town, I see love fill in your smile!
One that is all mix with zephyr, thousand wafts with thy aroma!

Thousands of love, in that wall of division!
Only you are standing, alone with mission!
One that is mix with gentleness, thousands follows thy way!
Bounty beauty in little baby girl! (photo from google)
One alone with thee, with thy shape of marvelous!
In those eyes of joy, dwelling you and countless!
I get dissolve in love, the love of transform!

Still along on your journey, wafting like the feather!
Think about me; Think about my time with you!
Still I hold the breadth, the breadth of your hither!
Come hither! (photo from google)
Galloping sound of your coming, my heart throbs to hear!
Thy face shines far, yet covering the large arena!
Thee in that power may your love flourish, come hither, young girl!

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  1. Wow... lovely poem bro. I love the last stanza very much. Keep composing more and sharing us.

  2. Sangay sir, enjoyed your poem. Nice one.


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