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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Do I need to upgrade?

A small handheld device with the ability to call and send messages has become necessity for almost all citizens. Internet accessibility from almost anywhere in the world has added more value and smart due to rapid technological advances. The mobile phone has become an essential product all around the world. 

Black and white Nokia mobile phone and Bata slipper were my valuable assets back during college days.

Many friends ask me to upgrade those to what they say smart!

Not my choice of smart phones! 

May be I need to upgrade my smart black and white Nokia 1280. Everyone is asking for WeChat Id. Only smart phones support the gadget.

There are many drawbacks with smart phones. The safeguarding cost is too high. Even the few inches screen plastic cover cost half the cost of my Nokia. It’s battery hardly last for a day. Nothing frustrates a person when his mobile get run out of battery and ask for my black and white for unnecessary call and sms.

Due to rapid technological advances, cellular phones become obsolete in a very short period of time. The average life span of a cell phone is roughly one to two years. But my Nokia is more then three years old. 

Moreover there are uncountable cases of thief of those smart phones! Lucky I, my Nokia 1280 don’t attract such worry.
My choice of smart Phone!! 

Misery of all; I could see so many nonsense video clips, funniest and sensitive.  

My black and white Nokia's battery last for a week which I bought for just Nu. 950/- from Jaigon. It has facility to listen FM radio, I can play cricket game and I can write beautiful messages.

It is not that I can’t afford though I am poor. The fact is I don’t like them at all. My only purpose of using mobile phone is to call and send short message wherever convenient. I am more then convenient and comfortable with it. So, a big NO for the smart phones!! 

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  1. In an increasingly consumerist society, advertisement come disguised in many forms, need to use smart judgement. I see your smartness.

    1. May be it is not my smartness. The fact is I don't like smart phones! Thank you SAngay for visiting my blog la!

  2. Sangay... I don't think you need to upgrade unless you want to... if you like your current phone, I say it is a great decision to keep it. Have a great rest of the week :)

    1. Thank you maim~ You are ONE to support me always!

  3. smart phones gives you one stop services; music player, camera and internet, thus making everything possible and bringing everything at your finger tip, but at the same time, the initial cost and the maintenance cost that follows along with demand for child-like care is its draw back..lol
    How i wish a smart phone companies manufacture one such gadget at affordable rate requiring no or very less maintenance and care..hehe

    1. Yab yab! But I don't like them at all~ lol!


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