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Friday, July 11, 2014

Look There~

My thoughts are random. Every thought I pen down, it gives me moment to read again and smile. Am I insane in my thoughts? Yet another random poem written, I don’t know why. But I enjoy the most among much stuff I do.

Look there. Look there in the forest.
Can you see the daffodil rest?
I want to titivate you with those little flowers.
I want to give you happiness like dancing bees.

I can see the dancing bees and wafting flags.
Near the daffodils it sings and plays well.
Even that chubby green caterpillar doesn’t give up.
Within those beautiful flowers, he dwells.
Look down. Look down in the busy city.
Can you see that green bus moving to our home?
Exactly at this time I see you waiting on the door step.
Sonam used to cutely call me from window pane.

Look there. Look there near the horizon.
The sunset is clear and awesome with cloud saying goodbye.
Let’s go. Let’s go home. Let’s say bye for Buddha for today.
I Hope happiness prevail between you and me.
I love you. I love the world. I love the people.

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  1. Sangay.. it feels good to say whatever you want... sometimes I'm observing nature... to explain what I see and feel probably couldn't be put into words... your thoughts make me stop and ponder :-)

    1. I am wordless :-) yet you make me more active to put what I think into words. Thank you being my regular visitor~


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