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Monday, November 3, 2014

Cold in Thimphu

It was in July mid; I reached Thimphu, the capital city of Bhutan. It was moderate then. Not many months passed by. Within those few months I appeared for Royal Civil Service Examination which included written examinations and viva voce. Not so many vacancies are announced and still I am waiting for the corporations to announce their vacant posts for civil engineer. In fact the job market is mute.
After Going through the Labour Market Information Guide for University Graduates, 2014 I am not that much worried about my employment. Many vacant posts for civil engineers are remarked immediate in private sector. Definitely if the RCSE result is as expected, I shall join one. Private sectors in not so bad for civil engineers!
Thimphu has become very cold within those gone few months. As it get colder day by day, my body battle to it. It resist in the form of various pains. My chest pain upsurges. My leg doesn’t wish me to walk more. My back doesn’t desire to endure long hour cold. All in all my body don’t suit in cold. It is not acclimatizing.
I don’t see people roaming through the city as much as I could see few months back. City dwellers fortified them with cozy jackets, long boots, and comfy hats. Shops get closed soon after the sunset. Karaoke doesn’t get busy so early. Not many people date in the branded clock tower.
But many gather and circle the porridge sellers. As they sip the hot porridge and breathe out, I could see the beautiful faces through the haze of warm air in the cold. And within few minutes I get dissolved in the arena of hawkers. I move back home and wait hours to get my body warm in the thick blankets.
Snow on the mountain above Paro valley
Yes Thimphu is cold. Do enjoy the cold and wait for the departed lovesome warm summer.  
Wow! I could see beautiful snow on the cap of mountains above Paro valley. Journey has begun.
Have a nice day!!!
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  1. I live where it is cold for about 5 months of the year usually and no matter how much I love Halifax, I have not come to love the cold... I see less people walking outside too, now that the cold is taking over :)

    1. For me cold is not good hehe... Anyways thank you maim for your comment~

  2. No wonder you've been so quiet lately! Hope you have done well in your exam and get your dream job soon! Enjoy your time there at Thimphu! Miss the place but not so much of the coldness to freezing level :) Take care!

    1. Thank you maim. Hope I get to work soon and see you sometimes somewhere!

  3. You're indeed lucky to see many vacancies for your course. Hope everything will turn out as you wish. All the best of luck brother. Take care!


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