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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Album Series II

It is when you look back; there will be beautiful things to ponder upon. I have an old album that was maintained long ago during my schooling days. When I open after many winding years with, I find beautiful things adorn in it and short good stories born out of old photos. It is beautiful reminiscence indeed! This is my second series. 

The young

For every life, there are hoods that we go through. It is not happenstance rather it is river of life that we should pass through those hoods.  Initially from childhood we are young and innocent. In the midway manhood is the hood of joy and an educative experience. In fatherhood we opt to see our offspring enjoy and come through those. And then grandfatherly we become an old child. 

I don’t remember how I spent my childhood. I only remember beatings I got from my mom. It is pain to remember but gain to see what I am today. My childhood was not actually bothersome hood to parent and friends. 

Almost entire six years of my tender age was spent naked and bare. Pants and shirts during my time were not popular. I permanently wore the gho with no care at all about underclothing. It was bother less who sees my little ball and penis. Walking was completely on bare foot no matter what! Childhood was worth learning to feel how I was in dearth. I was dirty. Certainly! 
That was long ago....
I have only picture of my boyhood that was snapped when I was seven. I guess it was during celebration of accomplishment of Tshampas on their seven months of meditation. 

I had to walk miles to reach school. I have to wake up early in the morning. I spent my primary schooling walking to school and back home. Basically my childhood life was worth living in dust that taught me uncountable lessons in life to mold myself to fine man.  

More series coming soon.....
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  1. Nice story of your childhood Sangay! Thank you for sharing! :)

  2. There is beauty in looking back. I wrote about it too. :D


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