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Monday, January 12, 2015

Album Series IV

When I open my album after many years, I remember how I felt that time. That was the first feeling I ever felt to someone. I never knew this would happen with me that day. It was uncertain and spontaneous. After few days I confirmed that I loved someone sincerely. Few months later someone nameless was my right and we were in love at last.   

The start of Romance

The management felt the distributions of girls in sections were not uniform. I was in class 10 C. I never knew who would join and leave my class. Few boys were adjusted with section D and few girls joined my class. Finally the class was set with comparable number of boys and girls.  
Class romance is usually a bad idea. I couldn’t control my feelings that time. The moment of her entrance, with her short hair beautifully cut few books in her hand and shy girl she was. The beam of her humbly beautiful face distracts my attention in the class yet I wasn’t overruled with the feelings. 

Since then it was affliction of my brain. But my priority was only study and whenever I got free time I think of her and enjoy her moves during social works. Intervals were my best time to fascinate her and think further. It was tough talking to friends about her. Finally a good friend helped me to know her name and background. 
image from Google~ pardon me!

Her name was K…. W… she was from northern part of Tashigang yet not far north. At the very end I knew everything about her. 

Finally it was time for me to let her know. To propose a girl face to face carrying loads of feeling is simply a thought. Never in real could I face. The common thing and the best were to write sweet epistle and send it via friend covertly. 

Finally I did write few sentences letter. The content I only remember is my remarked to reply soon. A week went waiting for reply. One fine Saturday night, it was a moment of joy. I got her reply and we were united. She loved me and I loved her. Our hearts were manacled. She was my first love. 

Within few weeks it was time came for departure. I can’t believe. But I had to face reality. She was far away from me however felt so close when I read her committed letters. Reminisce her was my obligation. 

It was pain to loss once first love. I was astray by loss of my first love. I am happy that I am friend to her and she is mom of a kid.
Time apprise feelings
Eternal love shalt prevail. 

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  1. Was it long distance that's why it didn't work out despite you loving each other? First love's pain really is difficult to deal with. I hope you got over it well.

    1. Everything isn't perfect when imperfect people are players~ I am exactly fine and happy now~

  2. So lovely to hear this story. You described the feelings of first love so well. Most people have a story of first love that is tinged with sadness. I heard somewhere recently that the first true love is meant for one reason - to break your heart. Maybe we are meant to realise that there is that eternal, other kind of love. Wishing you all kinds of love.

  3. First love can be so sad ... the one you always remember.. so good that you can still be friends Sangay

  4. You got a sweet love story brother but the end was unbelievable. And at last everything happens for a reason and that happened to you simply meant that you have someone especial in stored for you who you shall meet when time ripens. So hoping all is going well with sound in health. Regards from me. Do Great. Take care. :)

    1. yea everything is well and good~ Thank you Ugyen~

  5. "First love is the sweetest but that first cut is the deepest"..So sad to hear about ur first love...No worries.. aLL s wELL.. kota.

  6. With the lesson of the first love, I think the following would ave been better now. Love in the beginning is like any other thing, a lesson giving part of our life.

  7. We never forget our first love. Luckily I have been able to keep in touch with mine. We are just friends but I'm happy to know that he now has a wonderful family and beautiful children.


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