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Saturday, January 3, 2015

As I reminisce

I was in a room, alone. Winter was cold. The night was completely silent. On the top most floor of the hotel room, I suffered covered with thin black blanket.  It was emotional suffering. The place was known to me before and yet it was nice to see that it hath changed within those past few years. The year was about to end. It was to the end of 2013. I was at Trashigang, on the way to Mongar for my Job Training. 

The brand new 2014 was a welcoming call when I was involved in my professional training. I was at Lingmeythang, Mongar. 

Wonderful birds....
Started by January, with motives beholds must
Little chirping birds and the sun rise and set busk
That was the moment seize, beauty of stunning birds,
Innocence of little girl, old granny and granddad.
Takila, else tall thy stand, I upon my life feels lucky
Yet February, thou tell the tale of January, I feel wacky.

 At the start of February I felt wacky. I went home to meet my parents. Lucky it was, my village is connected with road and unlucky I was no vehicles ply on the day I went home. I had to walk hours instead.
Visit to Takila and nearby places at Gyelposhing
Sweet wench in hamlet, a night hunter shall not fear
Thy fragrance; wooed with sweet tone, overwhelmed with love. 

When it was time for February to say goodbye, I had to report back to my college for last semester. It was wonderful time to unit again with friends. Yet again, March welcome with fury to struggle like horse with heavy loads. Marathon for the last semester with project works, tests, assignments, viva voce, and project reviews, writing conference paper begun. It was tough enough to run away as soon as possible from college life. 

But for my best buddies, we were always together
Jigme Tenzin, now lecturer at JNP, he the proudest
To shower his unending philosophies,
Draw forth thy argument, Thinley Tobgay;
Finally we shalt think on prating whilst study.
It was good time passed with good buddies. 
The college life~
Studying engineering is not everyone’s cup of tea. It was hard time passed with hard work. When I received graduation certificate I felt the sense of relieving.

Simple A3 paper brought much smiles and glory
At the very end of June, thus new challenges activated. 

July went by thinking whether to prepare for entrance exam for Royal Civil Service Examination or not. Finally August activated me to be more august in its new beginning. 
Graduation day~
Much hated with no option but to face,
In between contemplation, it was yet again a step ahead moved.

After Preliminary exam for RCSE, I travelled to Tsirang. Tsirang was wonderful place to live. It was where I discovered the happiness in society with strong bond of kinship. 

September month was busy preparing for the main examinations for RCSE. Finally the big day rushed in. Exams started in the mid and viva voce at the end of the October month. Again it was the moment to relax and enjoy. 

With nothing planned to do and engaged, I travelled to Paro and spent few weeks enjoying the takeoff and landing of airplane. 
College days, with friends
I went to Gelephu in the mid of November month. I was invited to teach construction management for university graduates at Nyenjor Institute of Technical Skills and Human Value. It was best month teaching and learning. 

December, the last month of 2014 was more worrying about my result. The big day came. Yes! I made through RCSE. It was sense of relief and overwhelming joy. 
With my student trainees
I resigned from the institute on 24th December. At the very last day of 2014 I got my appointment order from chairperson of RCSC. I chose to work with Department of Road under Ministry of Work and Human Settlement. 

Thou art shall frame a journey welcome.
The rise and fall art in arena of thy existence,
Rough and fair by its nature become.
The same shall be 2015 profound
Players’ art complete to play lovely life beyond. 

2014 was wonderful year. 

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  1. Thanks for sharing the highlights of your year. It was something worth reminiscing. The ups and downs is what made it interesting. The people who played a huge part of it make it special. Small things really matter more. :)

    Hope you'll have an even better 2015!

  2. Some wonderful highlights to your last year Sangay... I adore the pictures of the birds.. so cute :)

  3. Loved seeing your 2014 highlights. It is the people why touch us that make our years so special as much as the things we do. Love the photos. Here's to a wonderful 2015.

    1. Thank you author Robyn for the comment. I hope for the best year, 2015

  4. Wow! Interesting yr...n wish u happy year ahead.. Best wishes...

  5. Hi Sangay!

    It was wonderful reading your 2014 memory lane. I love all the photos. It was a great year of hard work and success for you and I hope 2015 to be fun filled and joyous.

    My best wishes :)
    Keep Writing.

    1. Thank you Simran for having your time reading my post. Visit again :D


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