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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

The Moon

It is my privilege to work for the people in little less known village called Nimshong in Upper Kheng where my project office is base. More privilege I am getting to know many new people and new places under my jurisdiction. Places are beautiful. People are awesome and learning Khengkha (local dialect) is fun. Sitting with old people and knowing the new culture and tradition is even more source of pride.

On reclining seat through bumpy road and thick jungle grumble in my mind of journey. The journey for site visits is tiring yet it is jovial in the wild to see beauty of diverse wildlife. I have to travel day and night sometimes. More or less I have become a rover. Least I get to stay idle in office relaxing with paper works. At the end of the day I am even further happy to know that I am balanced with office work and site work. This is what my life should be. Yes definitely!

That day was fine. It was my time to complete paper works. After office hours I went for walk in dusty road. Singing with the evening dawn chorus of little birds and seeing the preparatory dance for their evening time was wonderful alone. By the time I remember to return back, it was already dusk. Oh! Remember, I was dating with those little birds.

I came back. The light from the above was on. I stared up. There was a full moon glowing fresh. The beauty in it captured my mind to focus my lens. Though it hides under the blanket of cloud, the real inner beauty is seen illuminating. The moon is beautiful with lovable activism. I miss my angel then.

I had to quicken my pace in between. It was dark. Back home alone again waiting for the next day and routine to follow-up. 

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  1. I am always excited to hear tales from Bhutan and its people. Now this Khengka dialect is interesting and I wish to learn your language too. Someday I will visit Bhutan as I do feel a strong connection that could be from my past lives.

    The moon looks big and smiling.

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  3. I love the way you express yourself through words.. sweetly written :)

  4. Sangay the moon is awesome and beautiful, very well explained and nicely written ;-)

  5. That is one marvelous sight! So stunning.

  6. Wow! beautiful moon & beautifully written.


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