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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Its Funny to recollect :: Dreams..

Teenagers use their friends to assist them in getting an attention from girl or boy. If we see a particular group of girls always hanging around where we spend time, chances are, there is a girl in the group who thinks you are the answer to her Charming fantasy. If there is giggling, whispering, and sometimes, pointing, whenever we pass by or we are in their area, try to pick out the one who appears embarrassed and does not look directly at you. This is the one who is crazy about you.

It was during my schooling at Rangjung Higher Secondary school. I was in twelfth standard. I thought I was falling in love with a girl. I used to feel totally different when I see her. Her name is Sangay Wangmo. She was in ninth standard and a day scholar. Though I was senior to her I never got confident to stand by her. I thought I was the only one that admires her style of scoring in basket ball, beauty, smile and walking style. I have attended sports events, cultural shows.. sitting up front cheering everything for her besides my busy schedule to do home works.
Once it was in morning assembly, I have manipulated others to ensure that she stands by my side. My simple plan was to give her an epistle. And I thought to ask if she is interested in me.?? A simple “yes” or “no” answer to a single question. But my hesitancy didn’t allow. Then a plain idea strikes my mind. To act on it I got my friends to start rumors about the fact that I am crazy about her.

It was during one fine SUPW work program.  We were allocated work together. She greeted me. I was astound and blushed for awhile. Not knowing what to say, I gave my sexy smile. May be she might have heard about fact rumors.  I never thought she be interested in me.  Or my assumption s is wrong.  
From that day, she greeted me warmly every morning.  Days passed .. and I was confident enough to face her everywhere. We shared our interests, likes and aspirations. But I controlled to tell her what I really felt. From then she brought small gifts from home. It was all that were mentioned in conversations. And one special was a pen for my pocket that “doesn’t leak”.
She laughs at my jokes, find opportunities to be a confined space with me. At lunch, she will tell me that there is something around my mouth, then wipes it off with her finger instead of a napkin. After lunch we will extend our conversations, betting our eyes, giving a sexy smile, teasing and touching. And sometimes we will be late in our class.
One fine afternoon, She steer the conversation to a more personal level, put her hand on my arm, talking, and run her fingers through her hair several times, and ,moisten her lips often and whispered her secret in my ears. “Sangay, I am in Love with you”.


  1. wow/ is that really happened to you. i didn't thought about it.
    any way it is nice that you are still not yet gave up and till now you had been hiding.


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