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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I WaNt to saY thAnK yOu.

this is a tribute to my friends...If they could only read...You might think I'm crazy, but..You don't know..How much I love my friends..so, just bear with me...

When you have a friend who stands by you, always there for you, always supports you, how do you say thank you? When you are all alone, well, not all alone but people get tired of being there for you, you've worn them out, or you've worn yourself out, who do you turn to? How do you trust when you want to push everyone away because of the pain and yet hold them close because you're afraid to let go but no one wants you to do that?

My friends are always there. They all have their own little ways of showing it. Dawley is cool, talkative, puts his hand on my shoulder and just criticize me as Khamjay, psycho and so on. If I have little free time, that's ok, I'll go to his room and chat. Among all we will talk on having a relationship with girls. Whenever I see him chatting with girls online I insist him to introduce me.

Sonam Rabten, Ajang, my only spectacle friend. He is silly and smart and sometimes he is called SMART RASCAL. He wants my attention, just walking from behind me and he’ll say “wai Pubba” mean Phurpa Thinley, Bhutanese comedian. Hearing this sometimes I get total frustration. And I wonder how I resemble Phurpa Thinley. May be because of my little long chin like him. Looking at him frustrating just make me smile because he never meant what he says. He will distract me and play and beat on my shoulder and hip until I use Newton’s third law. I guess that is natural for him to be like this for me. 

Phuntsho Wangdi, my little CHOTA DON. We spend time together sharing experiences and joking. He offers support and ear. Oftentimes I seek advice from him how to go about in solving problems.
His dialogged "hey Jaro" and clicking his thumb offers me to make laugh. He is really a friend who remind me not to take life too seriously among friends and help each other cope when things are not going well. It is like
 blessing to have friend like him in my life.

Sonam Dorji, the most committed friend I've ever had.  He is senior. He is my room mate.  He teaches me. He will do whatever I ask if it is academic. He truly is a wonderful friend.

Kinzang Wangmo, my beautiful girl friend I ever had. She is now at Samtse college of education. By November she will complete her training in secondary education. She never expresses what she feels. And I know what she feels for me. She is the first one I proposed. With her short straight hair, and her smiling face..(I can tell if she is smiling)...Slim, tall and eldest in her family. She is not that bright but she's my life. I worry about her right now...Not because she is away...But I feel she may leave me.
And the irony is we are once departed and now on verge of rejoining. I love her so much.

And lastly Ngawang Tenzin who is currently at Samtse College.I should have been more careful... because he teased me when I make slight mistake. He is so smart, and he was actually my first friend who is always close...He used to go to sleep every night before anyone. Now that he's gone..I'm still thinking of him every now and then..Wishing, if only he is fine and miss call him sometimes. I miss you Ngawang.

There are so many more friends that are in my life, I miss them all. They have all brought such joy and life to me, they are there for me to help me through the dark hours, they smile at me and cheer me up...when others get tired of my tears and my depression, my anger and sadness, you are all there for me and love me anyway. I am ok in your eyes...I am good enough...You give me what I most desire, to be good enough.

Thank you...


  1. hey hey...jarooooo.... many thoughts....

  2. hey hey..... that is cool man.... what a nice gud idea yaar.... standard mobile aaah... common man.

  3. i Know the first guy. Rabten. we were school mate.

  4. jarooo looks like u have missed some more frens...
    nan gee tsabkhan bak thur rang mawala mai


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