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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Failure is not Fatal my FriEnd

You can't blame the destiny my friend. You have the real power of capabilities. We know how you had put your abilities to come here. And we too know what was your rank. We enjoyed your company. Your act of gesture, your way of cracking joking with profound use of Dzongkha dialect and the silence hour of your drunkard state lets us miss you a lot my friend.

Actually you have made a big mistake and failure in your life my friend. Engineering (civil) it is a traditional engineering. Its need was felt by mankind and it is now as a course we have to study. It is nothing and we can say it is man made. And we can do it actually. Nothing is impossible. But for you it came as an impossible my friend.

The key to success is to keep looking. It takes a long tired road traveled to find what truly makes us happy. That one thing that we wake up and want to go to work doing. If that one interest is found then you are a lucky person for few people reach that point in their lives. Remember this and go ahead my friend.

Any how it is now your very big responsibility that you have to prove that failure is not fatal. Failing in exams does not mean that you have failed in your life my friend. It is not THE END. There are miles to go.  So where ever you go I on behalf of my friends I wish you good luck.

And I can't say more than this. We will miss you a lot. 

Dedicated to Jamba, Loday and Tashi..


I will love to read your constructive criticisms for if I may deserve.