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Sunday, July 17, 2011

EmploY youR LifE

To the unemployed youth of Bhutan- Life is a mixture as we all know. Just the way diamonds are rare, so we as an individual is rare. Every individual will not be same. Amongs the thousands of different types of life, being born as a human being is no less than being a diamond in a coal mine!

We should frequently ask to ourselves, in what stage of life we are in? We need to think and know what need to discover within us and it will be wonder that most of us live life without discovering that we have something special within us! At times, even when we realize that there is special within us, we never bother to shape it properly, or rather, fail to get the right teachers who can shape that specialty and bring out.

Life<??? A question of success and failure. Everybody wants success. I can't say and argue that I am successful and I bet people will blame me of such bullshit. It is privilege to write my Random Thoughts and share with all. Everything I write its simple thought and ultimately a mannerism.

After hearing and reading many stories of success and failure, its actually a wonderful thing that I know and learn. Success can be enjoyed but cannot be passed on. Our parents, relatives, friends etc, being successful in no way guarantees that we as an individual will be successful too!

Everybody is scared of failures. I have seen lots of failures and too have failed a lot.  Failing in exams doesn't mean that we have failed in life. There are miles to go. As a teenager or handsome and beautiful young men whether it will be right or wrong, we just know one fact - we never want to be poor. So having that fact in oneself we have to employ oneself and work hard irrespective of what the work is. Don't discard it as a blue collar job and don't rejoice it as a white collar job. Just we need to work hard with passion and dedication and out of desperation and belief.

Don't grief and worry with your work and if you fail remember failure is not fatal. We need to know that failure give and incentives to work harder, an act which invariably leads to some kind of success in most cases. So work hard whenever you fail. It is an amazing teacher. It also help us to wake up with a passion to strive harder. We will never learn if we never fail. if we don't learn we will never grow and shape the speciality that we have in us!

And remember that, Mr. Shah Rukh Khan, the "King of Bollywood" just signed and acted in films which were discards of actors; - films,for which producers could not find anyone to act. He acted in all of them just to make sure that he continued working and avoid unemployment. He worked very hard on those movies. And he is now a big star....

And too, Mr. Amitabh Bachan, tallest man in Indian cinema, sometimes he recollects -  as a young boy when film festivals were held in a big hall he used to stand on pavement outside the hall and think one day he'll also be in the hall  and have opportunity to see and meet all those big stars. Now he had discovered what is within him, work hard and he is a greatest Actor of stage and screen. I rejoice to see him receiving numerous awards and people cheering for him.

And somebody rightly said; If you are a street sweeper, so be it. Clean your street so well that others are forced to acknowledge your existence and feel that " here lived a street sweeper who did his job well"; because anything worth is worth doing passionately and hard work. Else, neither will you be happy, nor will you success, and interestingly, nor will you earn money.

If we employ our self for what we get, work hard and discover the specialty within us we as an individual will be happy and people as a whole will rejoice for our success.



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