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Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Every day I could see many stars twinkling..... Of them some are extra bright and we can feel the content of the stars. Every day I walk a half mile from my home to the road site and from road side to my home in the evening. The walk is peasant. The road on either side is flanked by green beautiful lawns and gardens. The walking solitary is good for me and then I learned something little from a little incident.

One fine morning, about a half way between my gate and the road, I noticed two exquisite girls talking in the lawn. The bigger of two was charming and admiring with golden hair and rosy chick. The other was quite short. She was beautiful, with hazel eyes and light brown hair. Standing behind for a while was great for me. The serene scene was sad and amazing too.

The bigger one, probably her sister succinct in melancholy,
"What to do now, we are left alone and no way live with?"
The younger sister was silent for a while.

I was amazed. Their father's name was Ngabjalor(Nu.500) and mother was Jalor (Nu.100). Elder sister was consoling her sister.

"Never be upset. Our father didn't return after giving food. I thought he would return after few days but failed. He was now in hand of miser shopkeeper, Pema."
"Mother will not return because she is value less now. She was gone with an arrogant fellow in the bazaar for our survival."
"For us our shelter is already dismantled, where we will stay" replied the younger sister.
"Never worry we can go together and stay near the door of shopkeeper", said the elder.

For a whole day I was drizzled over this problem. By the afternoon they were not there. That evening I thought deeply on the subject. The next morning I explained the matter to my friend. He was severely shaken for a while.
"Presumably true happiness consists in making happy", he said with smile. “The object of life is to be happy, the place to be happy is here, the time to be happy is now, and the way to be happy is by making others happy", I said. He nodded and said, "Ingredient of happy life should be possessed if it should be perfect felicity. Isn't it?"

I nodded and thanked him and return to my home with unforgettable knowledge and lesson in my life.


I will love to read your constructive criticisms for if I may deserve.