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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Rolling Tears

In the worst hours of the worst month
Of the worst day of lovers.
I, set out from hostel with my sedate bonnie sweet heart.
I was walking- we were both walking - to the road.

She was uneased with law of nature and couldn't bear.
I caught her chubby hand and proceed.
She saunter in vile with bending head
Until the busy road - meters away from dormetry.

When I stared at her exquisite face
Tears were trembling through mildly.
Of poignant. Of melancholy. Of toxin of nature
What to do, with tears I have to bear.

Before entering in her ALto, she succinct,
"Elsewhere we stay keep cemented THADAMTSE".
I nodded with hanky on my tearful eyes.
This was the last message she conveyed to me.

Presumably felicity comes when we are with our dear
And speculate sadness comes when we depart with.
I wanna tell - it is common to unkind
And should be bearded with circumstances. 

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