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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Child Catches a DreaM

A baby was born. His cheek was red.
And his eye was clear and bright;
He grew and went to school with zest,
And peacefully studied hard day and night.

He was in high school- science as major.
Enjoyed - hardship of subjects and the beauty of a girl.
Beauty of a girl was that he enjoyed minor.
And struggle to excel in subjects was not his whirl.

His hardwork - nothing succeeds like success!
Was succeed by mission admission to Engineering college.
This was what he wanted to possess;
With talented charming and studious colleague!

Owes  happiness to my parents and king
Who keep me going to discover diamond in me.
With dedication a grown up child
Who is patriotic happily sing.
And thanks to all who coaxed me;
To what I am today....

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