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Friday, March 9, 2012

For the Cause!

For so many years they have been suffering. They were suffering silently and the right to call father of kids in needy hours would have been even more heart breaking for them. For sure after birth, we are bound to be the victim of bad health and in such needy time to have both caring parents they were left alone with helpless single mother. How would it be if you are in such situation?

May be some may utter it’s their bad luck. Can this be truly their bad luck? Are they educated enough? No! They were cheated by Peak Learners! They were actually deprived of being village girl. We can’t anticipate such mischief from the blooming peak learners of Shercol.

It will be great relieve and frustrating moment for the concern mothers and the grown up kids. By this time some child might have completed their high school education and written their unknown father name many times in schools. And so sad of all, few might have left forever.

It is a great initiative taken by Kesang Choden. And I fully support the logic behind to trace the missing fathers (planters) of the kids of the unfortunate girls around Sherabtse College vicinity. Soon the theme “God sees the Truth but waits” will be confirmed. And 178 or more officers will be tagged – detected missing father. And it will be great opportunity for all to witness their college notions and characters back then in Shercol.

One thing that again grab my attention- stoning the college gate! Fighting for the noble cause with such target with GNH as top priority in the Nation can’t be justified. What you will get when you stone the gate? Will it suffice what you intend for? I think this is illogical and luckily it didn’t happen and I wish it will not happen in future.

Good luck and let’s all wait for the Judgment.


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