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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Don't Fear to Cross it!!

Technology isn’t new at all. The problem is people are still unaware of its worth functionalities. Most of the people crossing Omchu Bridge near the bus terminal here in Phuntsholing seem panic the moment they step the bridge. All are sly to say the structures are weak, old and about to collapse. But it is not.
Omchu Bridge

Structures can be designed to vibrate when heavy loads ply on it or when the nature trembles, like earthquake. For example in Japan, most of the buildings are designed in such a way that it vibrate about its toe when there is an earthquake.
walls built to channelize water

In the Omchu Bridge we can see cracks being developed mainly near the abutment. These cracks are caused by earthquake last year. These cracks will not affect the main structures since it is not part of it. It was constructed to protect the pressure of river flow when the level of water rises in summer.

The RCC Walls were constructed to channelize the water flow to prevent scoring and erosion of the banks that takes place every summer.  Previously there were plain cement concrete and gabion walls.

Moreover the capacity of the bridge is 40 metric tons.

When heavy vehicles and machineries ply over it, it is subjected to vibrate. And I know it vibrate pretty violently but it is not going to happen anything instead cross it cool. I could see people increasing the pace the jiffy they are on bridge.

If anybody by chance crossing the bridge with heavy machines and vehicles, no need to panic instead enjoy the little vibration so that we prepare ourselves for the heavy vibration of earthquake. Lol!!... 

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